Guess Who’s Going To Disneyland!

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Actually, Disney World – after all, he’s a globalist kinda guy. Yep, fresh off of telling our neighbors to the north to go pound (tar) sand – and royally ticking off the unionistas in the process, Barry’s Obama Foreign Policy WafflesatDisney WorldORLANDO, Fla. — Standing in front ofCinderella Castle at Walt Disney World this afternoon, President Obama will call for a national strategy to make the United States the world’s No. 1 travel and tourism destination. Hey, Barry wants to be King, so of course he goes for the castle venue.

As Barry notes, “there are jobs, and then there are jobs.” And he’s not interested in a few thousand high-paying, “shovel-ready” jobs when he can push for hundreds of low-paying services sector jobs.

One Brazilian tourist we met at Disney World told us it took her three months to get an appointment to apply for her tourist visa.

Barry’s going to fix that, you betcha.

So today, here at the Magic Kingdom, President Obama will announce plans to turn that around by such measures as simplifying the process for obtaining  tourism visas, and adding an estimated 100 more consuls in countries such as China and Brazil.

The president is taking  such  actions through executive order, as part of his “We Can’t Wait” initiatives, which he says are necessary in the face of congressional gridlock.

And while “We Can’t Wait” for low-paying services jobs, Canada’s saying “We Can’t Wait Forever” – they don’t need to create high-paying jobs in the USA, when they can just sell product to China. And even better, he shut down Disney World to make his momentous announcement.

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