"Peaceful" Occupy Portland Honors Brutal Executioner of FBI Agents

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Dateline Portland Oregon, January 19, 2012.  What’s “peaceful” Occupy Portland up to this evening?  Why honoring the violent murderer of two FBI agents of course.  Occupy Portland, which currently houses itself in St. Francis Catholic church over in SE Portland, announced a march and rally for Leonid Peltier.  The festivities include live music and an invitation to bring the kids along as well.  Yes people it’s another Occupy “Family Friendly Event.”  According to Wikipedia:  “In 1977 [Peltier] was convicted and sentenced to two consecutive terms of life imprisonment for first degree murder in the shooting of two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents …”  Of course the Occupiers and their affiliates claim he’s innocent despite the fact his convictions have survived numerous appeals.  In one of those appeals the judge concluded:  “When all is said and done … a few simple but very important facts remain. The casing introduced into evidence had in fact been extracted from the Wichita AR-15.” That’s the AR-15 which belonged to Peltier.  In his 1999 memoir, Peltier admitted that he fired at the agents, but denies that he fired the fatal shots that killed them.  Uh huh…

Left:  “Wanted for 1st Degree Murder … Consider Armed and Extremely Dangerous”  Right:  Doing the perp walk after being nabbed by the Mounties in ’75.  Occupiers honored Peletier tonight with a musical tribute.

According to the FBI Report:

At approximately 4:25 p.m., agents discovered the bodies of Williams and Coler lying beside Agent Coler’s vehicle. Agent Williams received bullet wounds to his left arm and side, foot, right hand, and head. Agent Coler received bullet wounds to the arm and head … An examination of the physical evidence concluded that Agents Williams and Coler had been killed at close range …

Left:  Victim:  Agent Ronald. A Williams was only 28 and had honorably served just 3 short years.  Right:  Murderer Peltier finished the job by shooting Agent Williams in the face at point blank range. 

Left:  Victim Agent Jack R. Coler.  He was still alive and struggling for his life when back up agents arrived.  Right:  Rest In Peace, his grave in Forrest Lawn Memorial Park in Orange County California.

So why bother with the story of the scum bag Peletier and the two heroes who were brutally and savagely murdered by him?  After all it’s a story that happened some 37 years ago.  Because these men had faces.  Thery were honorable men who selflessly served an upright cause.  They had families who loved and cherished them.  And to me, that fact that Occupiers choose to exercise revisionist history, and paint their assasin as some form of hero is abominable.  The fact that the city I live in enables it makes it all the more revolting.  From all the time I spent down at Occupy Portland there were very few times I felt a modicum of decency from the people I met.  The original ignorant brainwashed elitists who actually practiced personal hygiene at all had left, leaving the mess for the City to mop up.

To the International Socialists Organization and alike who started the whole disaster, and had it get out of control, here’s an invitation:  admit you made a mistake, created a monster, and let’s move on with our lives.  Why continue to let it fester?  To the religious institutions like the Catholic Church:  stop enabling the costly crime and chaos which has brought about immeasurable suffering to our city.  To the mainstream media like the Merc, the Trib, and the Zero:  stop being the propaganda machine of the Left and report this thuggish Communist movement for exactly what it is.   To the politicians like Sam Adams, you too admit you made a mistake, divorce yourself from this thing called Occupy and lets rid the City of it forever.

Occupy honors brutal murderer Peltier with a March and Rally.  According to the coroner Peltier finished off his victims with a point blank shot to the face.

For now, the honoring of Peletier by Occupy Portland denotes a stark difference between Occupy Portland and the OregonTEA Party.  Occupy stands for chaos, violence and lawlessness; and honors brutal murderers of honorable men.  The TEA Party stands for personal property rights and law and order; and honors George Washington.  The contrast could not be more distinct.

Update:  Due to some ineffectiveness in my own research,  I wrote this blog posting without having the benefit of the work of former Special Agent in Charge Joseph H. Trimbach who wrote a book:  “American Indian Mafia.”    His work was drawn to my attention in the comments section.  If you have any time at all, take the time to read his account of what happened.  In his statement to Peletier’s Parole Board, Special Agent Trimbach writes:  “Agent Williams had a brilliant future in the FBI and was scheduled to come to headquarters for training …Jack Coler, the father of two young children … was on loan to my office and was an outstanding Agent.”   And further:  “Some people have referred to these killings as a shootout.  Actually, this was more like an ambush from 200 yards away, followed by the deliberate cold-blooded execution of two law enforcement officers.”  I’m making it clear to Special Agent Trimbach he is welcome to come speak here in Portland at any time.