Further Details and Video Surface In Case of Occupy-Celebrated Cop Killer

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Dateline Portland, Oregon – January 22, 2012:  Further details have surfaced in the case of Occupy Portland’s celebration to honor convicted cop killer Leonid Peltier.  Occupy Portland, which now uses St. Francis Church as a base of operations, honored Peltier friday night with a celebration that included an invitation to bring the kids along.  Read more about the event in the Occupy Invitation, and my original blog article.

From the video: Agent Williams lies face down dead after being shot in the face by Peltier. Williams had removed his shirt to make a tourniquet for Agent Coler.

As it turns out, the officer who led the investigation, FBI Special Agent in Charge, Joseph H. Trimbach (retired) wrote a book on the subject:  “American Indian Mafia.”  His son John Trimbach who co-authored the book has been corresponding with me via email.  Additionally they have produced a short film which I uploaded to my YouTube Channel, daylightdisinfectant.  I have embedded the video here:

Watch the video and see Peltier purger himself.  First he states he does know who committed the murders but can not say exactly who for some nefarious reason.  Later he tells the interviewer he does not know who did it.  Which is it?  Click here to go directly to the point in the video where Peltier lies about it.

Special Agent In Charge Trimbach (retired)

Special Agent In Charge Trimbach (retired) has waged a war of truth against those like Occupy seeking to cast the cold blooded murderer Peltier as a "political prisoner." His son contacted me via email.

The evidence presented shows unequivocally that this guy is guilty as sin.  This begs the question, why is Occupy Portand still being allowed to set up over in a Catholic Church?

A few local bloggers have begun to take up the call, documenting the case against Occupy and offering contact information for the Church.  I was surprised to find my video on Wade Varner embedded in the blog.  By now you know Varner as the Occupy Leader who exposed himself at the last Occupy family friendly event.

Here is the contact information for St. Francis and the Archdiocese:

Fr. Bob can be reached at: rkrueger@hevanet.com
St. Francis of Assisi Church
1131 SE Oak
Portland, OR 97214503-232-5880

Most Reverend John G. Vlazny
rjohnson@archdpdx.org (AB secretary)
Mary Jo Tully – Chancellor
503-234-5334 Fax 503-234-2545

I’ve started emailing the bishop of the Archdiocese based on the email addresses the blogger has provided. I invite any Catholics or anyone in general to blog and share their experiences, photos and videos regarding “Peaceful” Occupy.

John Trimbach has confronted Peltier revisionists on previous occasions and is interested in coming to Portland with his Dad to give a presentation.  He’s also indicated a willingness to contact Father Bob over at St. Francis.  We’ll keep you apprised of any updates at 5440fight.com as this interesting story continues to unfold.