Obama To Use State Of The Union Address To Campaign For Government-Controlled Economy

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Here it comes…

The Constitution specifies the purpose of the “State of the Union” speech: “He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

But that’s not enough for Obama.  He’s going to use the platform as an hour-long campaign speech, to push forward his agenda to destroy the very constitution he swore an oath to protect and defend, and replace it with Marxist tyranny.

Alister Bull reports at Reuters:

President Barack Obama, offering a glimpse of next week’s State of the Union address, made clear on Saturday that he will deliver a starkly partisan election-year call for a “return to American values” of economic fairness.

That’s funny. I seem to recall that the traditional American values called for LIBERTY, not government-imposed “fairness.”

“I’m going to lay out a blueprint for an American economy that’s built to last,” Obama said in a campaign video sent to supporters.

Blueprint: code for central planning.   Only government-controlled, command economies require “blueprints” from elites who think they can design and control a marketplace that involves millions of people making millions of choices for their own self-interest.   The arrogance of thinking you can centrally plan something like that without destroying the market – and all the people whose liberties you are trampling in the process – is mind boggling.

“And most importantly, a return to American values of fairness for all, and responsibility from all.”

Translation: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”   That’s not an American value.  It’s a MARXIST one.

…Obama, who delivers his annual State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday night, is running for re-election on his claim of being a champion for the middle class, while trying to paint Republicans as the party for the rich.

Pitting one group against another by stoking envy and class warfare.  Demonizing entire swaths of innocent people simply based on their income or level of success.  Classic Marxist tactic.

“We can go in two directions. One is towards less opportunity and less fairness. Or we can fight for where I think we need to go: building an economy that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few,” Obama said.

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He keeps using the word “fairness,” but it’s code for state-imposed economic equality.   In other words, forcible confiscation and redistribution of wealth on a massive, nationwide scale.   The ruling class will decide what the peasants can earn, what they can keep, what they can buy, from whom, and for what price.

Because respecting people’s unalienable rights to freely and voluntarily exchange goods and services without the tyranny of central planners equals “less opportunity.”    Because respecting their unalienable right to pursue happiness and keep their own private property, the fruits of their labor, is “less fair.”

Because the only reason that no Utopian collectivist experiment  it has never worked in the history of mankind is that they just didn’t have the right, smart enough people in charge.  This time it will be different.

This is the moment the Marxists have been waiting for.  He may as well just start quoting directly from the Communist Manifesto and spare us the charade.

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