Hey Sam: They’re Laughing *At* You, Not *With* You

Posted on January 23, 2012 by


Dateline Portland Oregon, January 2012:  Tonight’s “Laughing at Liberal Loons Moment” comes at the expense of Mayor Sam Adams who apparently can not tell when people are laughing *AT* him rather than *WITH* him.  A new episode of Portlandia pokes fun at the Adams Bag Ban and the reduction in individual freedoms that it brings with it.  Apparently Adams feels that the people in his fair city don’t have the brains to choose what to put their free range chicken in.   The episode also snickers at the sort of Orwellian control that Adams and the rest of his backward minded “Progressives” have wrought on all of us.  Watch the trailer for Season2 Episode 3 below:

Adams posted a link to the video on his public Facebook page with the comment:  “This is hysterical.”

Epic Fail ... Sam Adams titters on FaceBook: "This is hysterical!." Hey Sam they are laughing *AT* you not *WITH* you. lol.

Shortly after the posting the chiding began: “They’re laughing at you Sam, not with you.  Big box of clues, help yourself.” (5 LIKES shortly after being posted.)  Another commenter, apparently a Liberal, follows up in apologetic agreement:  “Funny Fail.  Sorry.”  Then folks begin to pile on:  “Sorry Sam, They are laughing at you…The spot light is on you sir.”  Check out the conversation for yourself here.

Sam on BikeAll kidding aside, the bag ban rammed down the City’s throat by Adams is serious business.  Many people now realize it’s common sense that banning plastic bags actually harms the environment rather than helps it.  According to to one authoritative source:

Product bans often result in shifting one form of litter to another, and such measures only create new problems. After all, there is no such thing as environmentally preferable litter.

The few communities that have chosen to tax or ban the use of plastic grocery bags found that their efforts to help the environment actually had the opposite effect.

Undoubtedly many Portlanders are finding that to be the case as trips to the trash room with armloads of paper bags undergo combinatorial expansion.  Consumers are also forced to purchase plastic bags to do the job that their pre-ban check-out bags were reused for.  No matter to Liberal Loons who like Adams who would rather feel good, and cater to a group of vocal crazies, rather than examine the facts of the matter.

Getting back to Sam’s FaceBook page, one Conservative Mom quips:  “It’s so funny when liberals don’t even recognize that their ideas are being lampooned because they’re just THAT CRAZY!”  We could hardly agree more.