It's Time To Take Back Education

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In the 2008 election, 68 percent of new young voters overwhelming chose to vote for Obama and the Democrats’ socialist agenda. That’s a scary statistic, but it’s no accident. It’s the result of a patient, long-term strategy on the part of leftist social reformers, and it’s finally coming to fruition.

The majority of new voters were all recent public school graduates and new university students. It’s no secret that the Left controls government education in this country, especially the universities, and that true conservatives in the system pay the price for speaking out against elite intellectual ideology. 12+ years of subtle indoctrination has left this generation with a lopsided, leftist view of the world, making public education a guaranteed assembly line for mass-market production of new liberal voters.

For too long, conservatives have felt comfortable in our numbers. The fact that the country appeared to be split almost exactly 50/50 between Republicans and Democrats seemed almost healthy, because it guaranteed “balance”, and prevented the scary specter of one-party rule.

Meanwhile, liberals have been looking at the long-term end game, biding their time as they slowly, patiently, took over the courts which force their agenda through, and the public education system, which forms the hearts and minds of future voters. All these willing young minds, waiting to be filled with utopian ideals as their parent’s values are deemed “old fashioned”, conservatives are painted as heartless and “out of touch”, and Democrats in any form are hailed as compassionate social reformers, fighting for the rights of the common man. God and Christianity are carefully left out of the historical record (except for negative examples such as the Salem Witch Trials), and are therefore deemed “unimportant” at best, and a threat to progress, at worst.

If 68% of current new graduates are sympathetic to liberal ideology, it won’t be more than one or two election cycles before conservatives are flatly outnumbered, and this country is hopelessly locked in one-ideology rule: the socialist Utopia of the Left.

If you think I exaggerate, just look at Europe. Long after communism fell, the careful indoctrination of communist schools has left brainwashed citizens still willing to accept Socialism as necessary for equality and solving societies’ ills. Secular Humanism is the only socially acceptable standard for morality and law, Darwinism for science, and atheist rationalism for all intellectual pursuits. Europe has become one big “blue state”, and Judeo-Christian values such as Free Market “selfishness” are deliberately choked out in the stranglehold.

It won’t be long before Europe’s cancerous brand of Liberal Socialism gains the upper hand across the pond. Over half of American high school seniors can’t tell you the significance of the year 1776, and likely cannot tell you who Adams or Hamilton were, or what their core beliefs were. Public schools have failed to teach them our history, Constitution, or the fundamental principles upon which our free society is based.

This generation doesn’t remember Carter or Reagan. They have been taught that it was Gorbechev who voluntarily ended the Cold War (he was so “enlightened”, and Reagan so “dumb and reckless”), and that Socialist societies in Europe are superior to our own. They don’t understand economics, or the fundamental differences between Capitalism and Socialism. A dumbed-down public is ripe for the picking. If we don’t stop the indoctrination of our youth, the next generation of voters will steer our country hopelessly to the Left.

How are Conservatives to stem the tide of deceit and indoctrination?

First, we must work to re-educate those young voters who have already passed through the system. We must use every method at our disposal: classes, conferences, movies, documentaries, social networking, and internet resources such as YouTube. Church groups or religious organizations must be willing to offer seminars which clear up liberal lies about Christianity’s role in history. Our youth deserve the truth about our history, our legacy, and why the American Way is still the best. They deserve to know what the Founding Fathers true intent was when they drafted the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the three Branches of Government, and established “Separation of Church and State”. They deserve to know how Judeo-Christian values are so inexorably intertwined with our nation’s founding, and continue to be an essential element in preserving a free democratic republic.

Secondly, we must attack the religious instruction that is taking place in public schools right now. Government claims that religion cannot be taught in public schools, but they have merely replaced any mention of God with their own religion: Humanism. Yes, Humanism IS a religion, and it is our job as a society to call the government’s bluff, and expose the religious instruction they impose on our children in the name of “separation of church and state”. If an atheist parent can sue because their child is forced to hear the words “under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance, then Christian parents have more than justification to object to their children being indoctrinated with the religions of Darwinism, Postmodernism, and Secular Humanism. We must fight fire with fire, and beat them at their own game.

Third, we need to address the most fundamental issue of all: where in the Constitution does the Federal Government derive its power to control education? If you look closely, it’s not there. We as a society have become so used to public schools as the norm, and so addicted to government money, that we cannot conceive of a society without them. But it is this socialized education, this very dependence on government to educate our children, which has given government the means to usurp parental rights, to mold the hearts and minds of our children, and to create a new society which is eager to embrace socialism in every other form. The free market was once able to produce well-educated citizens (yes, even the poor!), and it can again, without any interference or control of government. If monopolies are forbidden in the free market, why have we allowed government to hold such a dangerous monopoly, unchallenged?

Some may ask, “Why challenge the constitutionality of the public school system at all? We can send our kids to private schools, or home school, and it becomes a non-issue for our family.” That is the greatest deception of all. By all means, take your child out of public schools NOW: they will get a better, well-rounded education with available alternatives. But don’t ignore the 90% of other students who are left to flounder in the public school system (with fewer parents objecting, because parents who WOULD have objected have simply defected). Those 90% of government-indoctrinated voters will soon outnumber your small brood, and that WILL affect your family and your freedoms (even your freedom to home school).

We must break the government monopoly of socialized education and indoctrination. We must open American schools up to free market competition and the freedom of ideas, and eliminate government control over our children’s futures. We, the people, must take back education! And we must do it NOW!

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