Sustainable Energy (Sustained By Your Wallet)

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General Electric’s now trying to convince

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folks who’ve bought wind turbines from them to augment their purchases by buying their solar panels as well. What their line is: winds blow strongest at night, solar works best during the day – so installing both makes good economic sense.

The reality: the US wind market is expected to crash as subsidies expire. Vestas Wind Systems A/S (VWS), the world’s biggest maker of wind turbines, said it will cut 1,600 U.S. jobs if the credit is allowed to expire. Industry lobbyists are seeking to attach a four-year extension of the credit to legislation to renew the payroll tax cut that Congress is considering now. GE’s trying to hedge against that.

Spain, the most heavily invested “green energy” nation on the planet, has killed all subsidies as it grapples with potential bankruptcy. Companies like Vestas have already taken heavy hits as a result. The US headquarters for Vestas, by the way, will be in the former Meier and Frank warehouse in NW Portland; renovation of which is being subsidized by Portland residents.

The company could well crash and burn before the “US Headquarters” ever opens its doors.

Not that it matters; Portland has Plans!

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