Another Friday Night Document Dump

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You’d think they’d have learned,

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over there in the government, that the Friday Night Document Dump (FNDD) doesn’t work any more. Maybe they have learned, which would explain why they keep pushing for an Internet kill switch. But, there isn’t one as yet – so the FNDD is an epic FAIL.

Barry’s racist attorney general is once again behind this one, and it’s a doozy! As if there were any question previously…it’s now abundantly clear that Eric Holder lied to Congress in the course of testifying about “Operation Fast and Furious”.

This racist porker has consistently committed crime after crime while in office, and he needs to be sitting in a cell right now.

Golly, isn’t it interesting that the MSM all run the same headlines? Why, the DoJ “turned over” documents. Really? Small wonder that the MSM is about as popular as a turd in a punch-bowl.

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