The Claim: They Pick Your Food!

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Hey, they can go home and pick their noses.

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This whole “they’re only here to do the jobs Americans won’t do” thing just doesn’t fly. Dubya was wrong, and that philosophy still is about as attractive as a Porta-Potty on a hot day in Juarez.

So is thisSEATTLE — In Olympia, it’s not all that often that immigrant advocacy groups and farmers are on the same side of a proposed bill. 

But the unlikely allies have teamed up this session to push a measure aimed at stopping more cities and counties from adopting a federal program that checks an individual’s eligibility to work in the country. 

Known as E-Verify, the internet-based program has to date been adopted by 11 cities and counties in Washington state.

Let’s get something straight: they aren’t “immigrant advocacy groups”. They’re “no borders, no health screening, no nothing” advocates for illegal aliens.

And the farmers that hire illegal aliens are criminals.

Is it really that hard to say?

It may not make much of an impact, but we’re not buying anything from the Washington Growers League. Washington farmers who are members of that organization have just lost another family of customers.

MaxRedline: They Pick Your Food!.

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