Holy War

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Soros-funded Leftist organizations

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such as “thinkprogress” and the various offshoots have taken the Religion of “Man-Made Global Warming” to its logical end: they’re going after Deniers. They’ve noticed that most meteorolgists don’t buy into their religion and don’t believe that human activities exert any significant impact upon planetary climate. This is heresy, and these people need to be “held accountable“. How very Orwellian.

The second link above, an outfit called foreskin the facts (or something like that) has a nifty little q&a atop their homepage, asking if you believe that the planet is warming. Provide the “wrong” answer, and they tell you that you’re part of a growing trend of people who don’t buy into it. Then, they tell you how 2011 was THE WORST YEAR EVER for bad weather.

Now, just a few months ago, if you brought up weather, these very same folks snorted in disdain and condescendingly informed you that weather is not the same as climate. Today, they’re desperately trying to make the case that they are, in fact, the same. Facts don’t matter to these people; they just want to make money – and gain power – out of fear-mongering, and they’ll say whatever they think they can get away with in pursuit of these goals.

Their latest effort: stifle the majority of television, radio, and print meteorologists who don’t subscribe to the Religion. They must be silenced by any means necessary: censorship, ridicule, pressure to remove them – all valid approaches as far as the priesthood is concerned. If deemed necessary, there’s no reason to believe that they wouldn’t countenance kidnapping egregious Deniers and sawing their heads off. They are, after all, tolerant™ Leftists.

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