Oregon’s CD1 Replaces Scandal-ridden Wu With Class Warfare Queen Bonamici

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Bonamici wins special congressional election, replaces Wu

Can’t say I’m surprised.

It’s Chris Dudley all over again.  The Republican Establishment in Oregon, like their national counterparts, consistently run under the delusion that the most “moderate,” milquetoast candidate which least offends the Left is the most “electable.”   Then they lose…and inevitably blame the conservative base that held their nose and voted for yet another candidate that did his best to distance himself from them.

Rob Cornilles was NOT a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.  He was the establishment’s pick.  When Tea Partiers offered their help, they were rebuffed by a campaign intent on appearing “bipartisan.”  Still, longsuffering conservatives showed up to work the phone banks and cast their votes, knowing full well that their candidate didn’t truly represent their values.

Consider this piece from Jeff Mapes at Oregonian a few weeks ago:

Republican congressional candidate Rob Cornilles has been working overtime to portray himself as a bipartisan figure in the special election race for the 1st Congressional District — where a Republican hasn’t won since 1972.

In an appearance Wednesday before The Oregonian’s editorial board, Cornilles pursued that theme by handing out frequent plaudits to Oregon’s senior senator, Democrat Ron Wyden.

Cornilles said Wyden has “been like my best buddy” in recent weeks by taking such steps as reaching out to Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., to collaborate on a Medicare plan and by championing the benefits of free-trade pacts in a speech at the Oregon Leadership Summit.

While he was at it, Cornilles also praised Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., for championing natural resource industries and for not being afraid to take on President Obama when he thinks he is wrong.  Cornilles said he thinks he could also work with Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Ore., who is someone with a “reasonable attitude.”

Cornilles said he regards Rep. Greg Walden, Oregon’s sole Republican member of Congress, as “almost a mentor.”  But Cornilles explained how he once told Walden he and fellow GOP leaders were wrong to try to repeal the new federal health care law, saying it was a wasted exercise.  Republicans would be better off trying to improve it, he said.

Walden, Cornilles related,  “just smiled and said, ‘Well, you’re in a different district.'”

Democratic congressional candidate Suzanne Bonamici, in a separate appearance before the editorial board, sort of picked up on Walden’s point.

She dismissed Cornilles’ talk as just an attempt to ingratiate himself with the Democratic leaning voters of the district.

“I know my opponent is trying to distance himself from his party because he understands he would have to do that to win,” said Bonamici.

Rob Cornilles and the Oregon GOP refused to take a stand and make the argument for conservative values, and they have no one to blame but themselves that voters found their “progressive lite” platform uninspiring.  They shot for the “moderate” center and lost the base. When will Republicans ever learn?

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Bonamici wins special congressional election, replaces Wu

A fitting end for Wu and his enablers

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