Jefferson Smith Embraces Occupy Portland?: Welcome to Sam Adams Version 2.0

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Dateline Portland Oregon, January 30 2012:  Anyone who thinks they might be getting a reprieve from the reign of terror wrought upon our city by the violent Occupy Movement, and facilitated by Mayor Sam Adams better think again.  Over the weekend something fairly interesting seems to have taken place.  “The Jeff” appears to be embracing Occupy (at least tacitly).  This is highly expected, given the nature of Smith’s Bus Project.  The Bus Project promotes “Progressivism” via mobile indoctrination centers buses which have penetrated the Portland Public Schools. Progressivism for those of you not in the know, is Liberal code lingo for Socialism, soft Communism … (wink wink).  Occupy has been endorsed by both the Communist Party USA and The American Nazi Party.

Jefferson Smith "Occupies" a seat prominently in front of the banner for the violent Occupy Portland Organization.

Over the weekend a photo appeared unabashedly on the Jefferson Smith Campaign FaceBook Page showing Smith at a the event “Working Family’s Forum.”  Smith appears beneath a huge, professionally made, “Occupy Portland” Banner  (Hey Sam … is that banner made of plastic?).  Might I guess that it has a union logo on it?  To make matters worse, the banner is hung proudly on the Campus of Portland State University:  your tax dollars at work.  At some point in examining the photo, I lost track of how many kinds of wrong it was.  The caption on a second photo reads:  “Occupy, Progressives, and Green Party Forum at People’s Food Co-op.”

In a Portland Tribune Article from last October, Smith seems like he’s trying to hedge his bets.

… State Rep. Jefferson Smith is willing to see the camp remain, provided occupants comply with “benchmarks” set by the city, such as committing no crimes that are not related to the protest, such as acts of civil disobedience.

For those of you living in cave, or who only read Left wing propaganda like “Willy Week” or “the Zero,” Occupy Portland has since the interview become notorious for throwing a Portland Police officer under the wheels of a cross town city bus.  It’s the faux grass roots organization funded by Soros which destroyed two square blocks at a cost of well over 1.75 Million dollars to the Portland taxpayer and which threatens journalists who would dare to question it. They’re now holed up over in a Catholic church on the East side where they plot the further destruction of public and private property and celebrate convicted cop killers.  One of their leaders was caught recently exposing himself at a Occu-Fest, a”Family Friendly Event.”   Andrew Breitbart has documented well over 400 incidents involving the Occupiers including:   “Occupy rape, poop, death, overdose, old woman thrown down the stairs, attack on a police officer, and public act of masturbation.  Nice Jeff, nice.

Just this weekend the Occupy Portlanders were out in full force occupying the Hawthorn bridge.  The illegal protest (no permits were filed) obviously cost the taxpayers a significant amount in police response, and resulted in extended delays for law abiding citizens out to enjoy the weekend.  Watch the video below for coverage you won’t find over at rags like the Portland Mercury which has lost all credibility trying to run rehab on Occupy’s image like some local version of Pravda.

The face of “Peaceful Occupy” out over the weekend in Portland. The Jefferson Smith campaign appears to at least be tacitly endorsing the so-called “movement.”

Coincidentally over the weekend Occupy passed another milestone which I am sure they are all proud of:  6000 arrests.  Let’s hope the Smith Campaign did not forget to send a card.  According to the blog “Marathon Pundit”:

After hovering just under the 6,000 arrest mark for a week, the Occupy Wall Street movement roared past it yesterday, thanks to 37 busts at a Brooklyn protest. The Occupy Arrests site now lists 6,025 confirmed arrests. 

As I’ve said many times before, I’m still waiting for that first Tea Party arrest. 

On Tuesday, there was another Occupy death, it was the movement’s tenth fatality. 

Sexual assaults are among the crimes that have been reported at Occupy camps. You can read about the OccuArsonist here. And you can learn about one of the Occupy assaults on a police officer here.

You can view view one of those arrests on my video blog, where the group attacked a KGW news crew, or where the perp indicated that he was going to “burn the City down” during the arrest.

Occupier demonstrates the "new civility of the Left." Right: A different Occupy Portland banner other than the one Jefferson Smith was caught sitting under.

Also over the weekend, Occupy Oakland burned and American Flag.

Again, folks we had hoped with the long anticipated departure of the facilitator Sam Adams, we might be rid of this plague.  Until it happens, we’ll be here to see that those who embrace it, own it.


Multnomah County Democratic PCP Jamie Earl who organized the hateful attack against the TEA party using Facebook, now working Jefferson Smith campaign.  More details here.