This Week On Portlandia:

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Pornland is back in the news:

At least they modified the canard about Pornland strip joints to note that the city has more per capita than Las Vegas – usually they claim that Pornland has more than anyplace in the country. At the same time, it’s a revealing look at the juvenile sex trade in the oh-so-tolerant town. And it ain’t pretty.

Naturally, some folks had a problem with this, as Willy Week reports, so their answer was to force the cop who headed up the vice squad out. He retired; now, he’s suing. Nobody’s talking.

But all’s not gloom, here in the City That Works (you over)™: the city has unveiled its fifthLeonard Loo, this one installed in Northwest Portland, and a grand time was had by all. Portland City Councilor Randy Leonard presided over the festivities, and Emerson Elementary School students sang songs in celebration of the new toilet. It’s good to know that our “leaders” have resolved all other issues; enabling them to focus on the really important stuff.

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