Fearless Fightin’ DeFazio: Win A Few, Lose A Few

Posted on February 3, 2012 by


Over there in the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Fearless DeFazio’s been busy. He succeeded in shutting down Washington’s Rep. Herrera Beutler’s efforts to require a public vote before proceeding with the loot-rail-laden, $4 billion Columbia River bridge fiasco, but he lost out on one of his pet porkers: diverting Transportation money to a program that funds many bicycling and pedestrian projects. That one went to a vote, and it was really close: 29-27. Oddly enough, Rep. Herrera Beutler voted against it; noting that local communities could set their own priorities for putting federal transportation dollars into bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Peter went berserk; claiming, among other things, that “Now we’re going to say, ‘Sorry, we can’t even provide a safe way for your child to ride a bike to school.’” He really needs to get a grip, because “we” are saying no such thing.

Here’s a clue, Pete: We don’t want light rail on the bridge, but you and your pals are going to make sure we buy it anyway. The fact of the matter is that if clowns like you didn’t insist upon ramming light rail down our throats while denying us our tight to vote, we might find a way to make some of the bicycle and pedestrian amenities that you hold so dear come into being.

As it happens, a lot of us plain old citizens are getting darned tired of guys like you mugging us over and over on light rail – or as we, who have to live with the results affectionately refer to it: the Crime Trains.

Sure, your precious bike paths don’t cost anything when compared to the mountain of cash (that we don’t have) that you and your pals insist on diverting into a fixed-rail “system” that we don’t want (and in fact have voted down whenever granted the opportunity) – but that’s not the point. This comes down to something that you don’t understand: a thing called “principle”.

Have one of your staff Google it sometime.

Herrera Beutler gets it.

MaxRedline: Win A Few, Lose A Few.