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Assad Article, Vogue 2/2011

Anna Wintour, Editor In Chief Vogue Magazine via Styleite Blog

Portland, OR

February 4, 2012

In February 2011, Vogue magazine ran what is known in the trade as a “personality profile” on Bashar al-Assad’s wife, Asma al-Assad. I discovered this as I was sitting in my hair stylists chair, as we ladies are wont to do.  Imagine the scene if you will-sitting there enjoying my time to flip though pages of a magazine I loved reading in my former career and sipping coffee.  I was relishing my time to catch up on less than intellectual pursuits, and WHAM! I was positively gobsmacked by the article and its accompanying photos of the ruthless, bloody dictator playing in his well-appointed home with his kids, and strolling the streets hand in hand with his wife, as though he were Brad Pitt and she were Angelina Jolie.

The article could have been about the famed Hollywood couple for all the lack of truth and obvious whitewashing its writers did. Phrases like “Asma al-Assad is glamorous, young, and very chic–the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies. Her style is not the couture-and-bling dazzle of Middle Eastern power but a deliberate lack of adornment. She’s a rare combination: a thin, long-limbed beauty with a trained analytic mind who dresses with cunning understatement,” run throughout the story. No mention of the totalitarian regime that terrorizes the citizens of this nation, besides a few references to “shadow zones” which refer to areas of the country that foreign media (read not state-owned) are banned from entering.

You might ask why I am writing about this article in Vogue now, since it ran about this time last year.  Well, truth be told it was my husband who inspired this post. When I came downstairs this morning he was drinking his coffee and reading the news on his iPhone-as he is wont to do on weekend mornings. He looked vaguely annoyed so I asked what was troubling him. He rolled his eyes and read the headline “UN Risk Taking Sides in Syrian Civil War”. “Good grief” I replied, so I guess according to Reuters and the UN slaughtering your citizens for the better part of a year doesn’t count as “Civil War”. So here we are taking Vogue and Ms. Wintour to task for their stupidity due to the insipid stupidity of another “news” outlet FINALLY deigning to call a Civil War a Civil War!!

In closing I only have one question for the illustrious Ms. Wintour, and her editorial staff at Vogue, are you watching what is going on in Syria and if so, how do you sleep at night?


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