Guest Post: Grassroots Activism 101 (or why you want to be a PCP)

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Guest post by Sandy Raddue

Are you watching all the politics around you, throwing up your hands in disgust?

You know the problem is with “the party”, and “the establishment”, so it’s just the way it is. Nothing you can do.

YOU’RE WRONG. You can get involved. No, not by running for public office. Well, not really. Become an elected Precinct Committee Person (PCP). In Oregon, a county is divided into smaller “chunks” based roughly on the number of voters in that area. A Committee Person is someone elected by the Republican voters in that area, who lives either in that area, or in an adjacent precinct.

A PCP is not, in this case, a street drug. A PCP is the entry level position for the citizen activist to REALLY start getting involved and making a difference.

So you look at me like I’m out of my mind. “Are you kidding? I don’t want to CAMPAIGN for anything.”

Do you know three registered Republicans in your precinct who would vote for you? Well, then, in most cases, you’re in. That’s all it takes. And one of those people can be you.

Once you’re elected, you’re an official of your county GOP. You’ll be asked to attend several meetings a year – usually about one a quarter. Since you’re an elected PCP, you have a vote at those meetings. There is a lot of opportunity to influence your local and state parties at this point. Roll up your sleeves, and dig in. Now’s when it gets exciting!

As an elected PCP, I vote in all county party elections for leadership, including all the delegates to the Oregon State GOP convention.

Quit complaining, get involved! The filing deadline to get on the 2012 May ballot in Oregon is March 6th. You can get the form at Print out several to share with like-minded friends and family. Get them into your local elections office, and start on that road to getting involved!

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