Dems Blame Christians For Obamacare Assault on 1st Amdt, Claim Church ‘Discriminates Against Women’

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I will start by saying that I am a non-denominational Protestant, not a Catholic.  But I support 100% the right of the Catholic church to teach and practice its faith without government coercion or interference.

The Obama administration has been caught completely off guard by the intensity and scope of the backlash against his assault on the rights of conscience.   Instead of wisely backing off, their response has been to double-down, blame the Catholic church for raising a ruckus in its defense, and even attack the teachings of the church itself.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen – it’s the Catholic church’s fault that a religious and moral belief they’ve held for 2000 years happens to conflict with a modern president’s healthcare takeover agenda.

The narrative is coordinated and fierce, as liberal spokesmen parrot the anti-Catholic talking points from every avenue.  In doing so, they are actually alienating much of the Catholic base that helped Obama get elected in the first place.

Nicholas Ballasy reports at the Daily Caller:

A group of House Democrats chided Catholic bishops for opposing a part of the health care law that requires religious institutions to cover contraceptives in employee health insurance plans. […]

California Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra, a Catholic, called on the Catholic bishops to stop speaking out against the rule.

“I hope that the bishops in my church will stop telling all the parishioners who believe in the Catholic faith that this is a violation of their religious freedom,” said Becerra.

So Rep. Becerra presumes to tell religious leaders what to preach to their parishioners?  Perhaps she considers lawmakers the gatekeepers of proper theology, now?

No one is telling the bishops that they cannot discriminate against women who may be selected as priests. No one is telling the bishops anything about the religious practices of the Catholic Church.

Nice touch, accusing the church of “discriminating” against women by following traditional theology regarding women and the priesthood.  Here they are introducing the characters for their narrative: the Catholic church is chauvinistic and bigoted, and the heroic politicians are here to rescue women from their oppression.

What is at issue here is the bishops want the ability to impose their religious beliefs on other people, on the employees of religiously affiliated hospitals and universities and deny them, these employees who may or may not be of the same religious faith, deny them the equal access to contraception which almost everyone uses.

WRONG.  This is how they’re twisting the truth in order to justify government intrusion where it doesn’t belong.  It is SECULAR GOVERNMENT that is imposing its beliefs on religious groups, not the other way around.

Any woman who wants birth control is perfectly free to go get it herself.    She is NOT entitled to have someone else provide it for her against their will.  The bishops are not FORCING women to forgo birth control – they are simply exercising their right not to provide it against their conscience.   Women are still free to disagree with the bishops and seek these products and services from another source that does not morally object to providing it – and there are plenty of competitors willing to accommodate this demand.

THIS is what universal healthcare does: by wrongly turning goods and services into “rights”, it robs one group of its true liberties in order to provide the so-called “right” to another group.  A REAL unalienable right is granted by God and does not depend on others to provide it.

In a free market, this whole fiasco would not even be an issue.  When people are free to voluntarily exchange goods and services without coercion, nobody’s rights are violated, and nobody has the power to force another to buy or sell controversial items such as birth control or abortion procedures.

The Huffington Post claims that Catholic university students are protesting “lack of access to birth control”:

Single, 18-year-old female, likes having control over her own body, looking for affordable birth control.

That’s Keely Monroe’s summary of her life at Fordham University, a Jesuit college in New York. “Finding contraception at Fordham was about as easy as finding a good man from a want ad,” Monroe said of her alma mater at a press conference held Thursday in Washington by Catholic Students for Women’s Health.

Waaaaah for Keely.  Time to put on your big girl panties and get a clue: if you CHOOSE to attend a Catholic university, you do so with the knowledge that they are likely to frown on birth control (and premarital sex).  Attending a university that disapproves of something that you want IS YOUR CHOICE.  You can CHOOSE to go to another university where this isn’t an issue.  Nobody is FORCING YOU to attend!  Nobody is denying you “control over your own body.”

Joan Hoff at US News tells readers to “Blame the Church, Not the State“:

What is being called Obama’s attack on Christianity is really the Catholic Church’s attack on women’s full access to preventive healthcare, specifically contraception.

This is a straw man and an outright lie.  The Catholic church did not “attack” anything.  Obama picked this fight, and the Catholic church is playing DEFENSE.  The church is not trying to ban contraception or impede women’s freedom to go out and get it.  They simply are exercising their right not to provide it.

Since the church has never been a champion of women’s rights, its opposition…was expected.

This is a direct attack on the teachings of the church itself.  Any theological position or practice which does not align itself with the Moral Relativist brand of Secular Feminism is automatically branded as chauvinistic and against “women’s rights” – which are defined, of course, as abortion on demand and other radical feminist positions.

In actuality, opposition to contraceptive policies is an attempt to deny separation of church and state by imposing religious views on all Americans working in and insured by what are church owned or run institutions such as hospitals, social service agencies, and colleges.

Another outright lie.  Women have a CHOICE of whether or not to work for “church owned or run institutions.”  Nobody is FORCING them to work there.   Ladies, if you want a job that provides birth control coverage, GO GET ONE!  Nobody is stopping you or “imposing” their religious views on you!

Also, health care is NOT among the areas of jurisdiction granted to the federal government by the constitution.  In fact, per the 10th amendment, the issue of health care belongs entirely to the states and the people.  Opposition to unconstitutional policies like contraception mandates is an issue of federalism, and in NO way attempts to “deny separation of church and state” or establish a national religion.  It is downright ridiculous to make such a farcical claim.

The ACLU is chiming in on the attack, claiming that Christians are “discriminating against women,” reports the Washington Examiner:

 “Anti-choice forces around the country are yelling from the rooftops about religious freedom,” wrote Laura Murphy, the ACLU’s director of the Washington Legislative office,  in an email urging supporters to tell their congressional representatives to support the mandate. “But what they actually mean is the use of religion to discriminate and deny millions of women access to birth control [original emphasis].”  Murphy faulted opponents of the mandate for “us[ing] religion to discriminate] against women.  […]

“If the lobbying groups get their way, a woman teaching at a Catholic university could not get coverage,” the Murphy added. “Or, a nurse working at an evangelical Christian hospital could be denied access to basic health care.”

Once again, this is a lie.  Women are free to work wherever they please, to seek health care or birth control by competitors who are willing to accommodate them, and nobody in the either the Catholic or Protestant churches has the power to “impose their religion” to stop them.  The Church simply chooses not to be complicit in something that violates their conscience, and that is their 1st Amendment right.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?   Not only is the Left denying that the Obamacare mandate violates religious freedom, but they are actually attacking the teachings of the Catholic church itself.   NO GOVERNMENT has a right to tell its citizens what is or is not acceptable religious doctrine.   That abuse of power was the reason why our founders established the 1st Amendment in the first place!

Let’s not forget what is really going on here: the birth control mandate is designed to squeeze churches out of the healthcare industry altogether.  Obama wants the government to take total control of healthcare and Catholic hospitals stand in their way. The mandate is largely intended to force them to sell their hospitals to secular companies who will do whatever the government demands.

The Alinskyite smear campaign that is being launched against the Catholic church right now is of the same caliber and purpose as the one that Planned Parenthood recently unleashed on Komen.  The Left is determined to bully all competition and opposition into submission to its agenda, and it expects its shell-shocked victims to cower and give way in face of the ugliness of such an onslaught, unwilling to go to war over what seems to be only an inch of ground.  But once that ground is gained, the Left will only be emboldened to take another inch.

That is what happened when Obamacare passed.  Now that they have effectively orchestrated the government takeover of health care, they are flexing their muscles on the next piece of territory: our religious freedoms as they relate to health care.

This is what happens, ladies and gentlemen, when we allow the government to step outside of its legitimate authority and stick its nose in matters that are none of its business.

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