Super Bowl!

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Hey, did you notice the improvements at Indianapolis? The new retractable roof and the big new scoreboard at Lucas Oil Stadium? How about the snipers’ nestsSuperBowlfeaturing tripods made by an Albany, Oregon company?

Those are some awesome tripods! Naturally, some folks have a problem with this, and want to go all political over it. But this is pretty standard for any major event, and if you don’t think there were snipers swarming downton Portland back when Barry delivered his sermon to an estimated 75,000 at Waterfront Park, you’ve been hitting the ol’ “medical” marijuana a bit too hard.

It’s cool to see an Oregon product featured so prominently at such an event, especially since it’s such an unfriendly state for business.

On another note, aren’t you about sick and tired of folks like “Madonna” and her finger-flippin’ gang sucking the life out of the place at half-time?

Sign the petition to have Weird Al Yankovic perform! One thing’s undeniable: he’s entertaining.

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