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Them uppity citizens, who don’t know enough to kowtow to the whims of their betters, are in for a rude awakening that is, as far as Metro’s concerned, long overdue: for years, their “planners” have been telling folks in suburban Troutdale what to do, and the citizens there just keep ignoring them! No government agency should have to put up with that, because they know far better than the citizens who actually live in the area. In an effort to halt such foolishness, the Metro Council voted unanimously Tuesday to “proceed with an enforcement action” against the city.

The idiots in Troutdale have simply got to pay the piper for having the unmitigated audacity ofrefusing to cave to Metro and its legion of “planners”. The Troutdale City Council determined that its codes were already compliant with state land use rules. If Metro has its way, many property owners in Troutdale would lose significant parts of their land for no good reason and without any compensation.

This determination really ticks off the Nazis at Metro; it’s the first time Metro has moved this close to using its enforcement authority against a city it believes is not in compliance with its planning codes.

You sonsabitches will conform to our codes, or else!

Um…Metro: your “codes” are stupid. You select in favor of stupidity in your hiring processes. Oregonians would benefit greatly by moving to abolish this unnecessary quasai-government.

When Metro was established some thirty years ago, they were heralded as a “national model”. It’s been thirty years. People across the country have looked at it and recognized its dysfunctionality. There’s a good reason why nobody else in, as Obama famously noted “all 57 states”, has adopted the Oregon “model”.

This is an organization for whom the phrase, “Kill It With Fire” was coined.

MaxRedline: Metro’s Had About Enough.

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