#OccupyPortland Offers to Pay For Damages Following Monday Night’s Riot (Video)

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  • Monday night Occupy Portland held a march in support of Occupy Oakland.  Occupy Oakland has supposedly suffered from excessive use of police force. [Occupy Calendar, Facebook Invite]
  • The planning for the protest included advocacy for the use of “Black Bloc” tactics, which include vandalism and rioting
  • Viral video of the Portland event has been seen nationwide.
  • During the “peaceful march,”  which became an angry mob, participants vandalized cars, storefronts, and overturned trash cans.
  • Occupy Portland representatives stepped forward that night with an offer to pay for damages.
  • It remains to be seen whether swift compensation will be made.

Dateline Portland,  Oregon – February 11, 2012:  In what seems like the only uplifting moment in an otherwise disgusting evening, members of the Occupy Portland Media Coalition offered to pay for the damages suffered by a local restaurant owner.  On Monday evening Occupy Portland went on a rampage disparaging police, overturning trash cans and smashing windows on SE Belmont St.  Video from the event taken by Citizen Journalist Daylightdisinfectant has gone viral, appearting on Breitbart.com  and GatewayPundit.com. .  The official Occupy PDX press release denies any responsibility for the riot, claiming it was the police that committed  the violence. (um … Riiiiiiiiight)  Portland police have also released a statement claiming the opposite.  This reporter’s experience, and the video evidence, supports the police version of events.  More video will be released Monday morning which also supports the police version of the events.

Left:  The Genoa Restaurant was damaged in the riot by Occupy Portland on Monday.  Right:  Restaurant owner Ken Shelton is engaged by the Occupy Portland Media Coalition.  Occupy offered to pay for the damages.

Meanwhile, in the video embedded below, members of the Occupy Portland Media Coalition can be seen stepping forward to offer to have Occupy Portland pay for the damages.  The Occupy representatives are shown interviewing restaurant owner Kelly Shelton in front of  his restaurant “Genoa” on SE Belmont St.  The Occupiers offer to take up the matter with the Occupy Portland Finance Committee.  Watch for yourself.

I must say Occupy Portland is getting better at picking members of its media team. The folks in this video seem downright civil compared to Sam Gibson who I ran into at a previous event.  Gibson is the guy who went on an expletive-ridden tirade and threatened me with:  “Hopefully you don’t get hit by a bus.”  This less than 24 hours after Occupy Portland had shoved a PDX Police officer under a TriMet bus.  Compared to Gibson, the new guy in this video seems downright saintly.  The video concludes with him saying:

“So that was the guy who is the owner of the restaurant whose window got broken.  So I guess we’ll take this up with probably Spokes Council and Spending, and I’m hoping personally that we can just reimburse him for that, his insurance deductible or whatever it’s going to cost him.  But if you’re watching, spread that idea I think we’re gonna need it.”

We’ll do our part here at 5440fight.com to see that the message goes out.  However, it’s not at all clear that Occupy Portland has the money to give him.  At a recent event, Occupiers were caught on tape indicating that their petty cash fund had been robbed during a breaking and entering at St. Francis Catholic Church.  Also, It appears as if the restaurant owner will not be covered by insurance, since most business insurance does not cover damages incurred during a riot.

Of course even if Occupy Portland does follow through, no amount of good will is going to ingratiate Occupy to the American people again.  Occupy has accumulated well over 6000 arrests since it’s inception, including violent felonies such as rape, assault and murder.   However, I’m asking folks over at Occupy Portland to keep me in the loop at daylightdisinfectant@gmail.com.  I’m happy to come down to roll tape when you fork over the cash.  If for no other reason, it will give me renewed hope for our country.  But let’s just say, I won’t hold my breath til it happens.