Exhibit 3,587,239 in the Long List of Liberal Democrat Racism

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At CPAC over the weekend, one of the most inspiring figures was Mia Love. Mia is running for the newly created 4th Congressional District in Utah. Mia was the talk of the conference, inspiring comparisons to Marco Rubio and Allen West. Mia currently serves as the Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and if elected, would be the first ever black Republican woman in Congress.

You have probably already guessed where this is going …

As a strong, Conservative black woman, Mia is an automatic target of the Left. “According to them, I’m not supposed to exist,” she said in a speech in front of the Conservative Inclusion 101 panel. She continued, “I know that I am going to be a target for the left. I have something to say to them: Game On.”

The timing of her challenge to the leftist plantation orthodoxy could not have been more prescient.

Today, Daily Kos published an article on redistricting in Utah, and how they hope (comically enough, given Utah’s heavy Republican majority) that the Democrats and “Team Blue” can pick up a Congressional seat.

That’s not the offensive part.

In describing Utah’s new 4th district, the author says the following:

This gives one district for a liberal Democrat and preserves a second one for Matheson.  Both the GOP districts went over 70% for McCain.  I actually managed to pack the 3rd over 80% McCain, just to see how high I could get it, but it was a little uglier, so I opted for this.  Its not like we were winning the 1st anyway.  Plus, this will keep Saratoga Springs mayor Mia Love out of Congress.  She is one of only two African-Americans living in Utah not currently playing for the Jazz. (Even they are scarce now, with Boozer and D-Will skipping town.  Have you seen Gordon Heyward recently?) The GOP is clearly desperate for a new token black Republican, after Herman Cain and Michael Steele didn’t pan out, and I find it hilarious how much trouble they have doing so, so I’d love to prolong it even further.

Token black. Basketball players. Blacks can’t be conservatives.

It SHOULD go without saying, but sadly it bears repeating:

The Left is the source of the vast majority of racism in America, and the Democratic Party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan and resistance to ending slavery.

This is absolutely disgusting. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised – all we need is to know our history.

*** UPDATE: We didn’t see this earlier, but the article was published on Jan 11. It was just brought to our attention today.

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