Occupy Our Homes!

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According to the public meme, Before occupythe Occutards had a great idea: they’d “take over” foreclosed homes, fix them up, and provide shelter to homeless. Occupy Our Homes would alleviate neighborhood blight, provide shelter to the poor — and put banks on the defensive. One such home, a townhouse in Brooklynn, NY, looked like this when the Occutards took it over:

Oh, and there was great joy in Mudville on that glorious day –

The atmosphere was giddy that overcast December day. A swell of people hung banners (“Foreclose on Banks, Not People”) and chanted on Vermont Street, waiting to welcome new neighbors to 702, the two-story rowhouse Occupy had taken over.

The excitement reached a crescendo when Councilman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn) knocked on the door, decorated with a pine wreath for Christmas, and out came the homeless man who was moving in with his family, Alfredo Carrasquillo.

Barron raised Carrasquillo’s arm in victory.

Before popping the cork After occupyon that bottle of celebratory champaigne, it’s worth a look at what the Democrats and their Occutard base accomplished, because this is what the “home” looks like today:

Yep, they tore down every interior wall in the place, stripped it of plumbing, electrical, and carpeting, and littered the space with garbage and food containers, among other debris. In what used to be the kitchen, the appliances are gone, along with the sink and even the counters.

It’s what they have in mind for the country.

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