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Great piece by my friend Amy Miller. Straight (no pun intended) to the point.

that amy miller

I’m not.

Gay, I mean. I’m not gay. Nor do I have a personal opinion on your gayness. Or half gayness. Or exploratory gayness. Or lack of gayness altogether. It’s a lifestyle choice–to not spend time dwelling upon who may or may not be operating at varying levels of gay.

But this piece isn’t about being gay, or straight. If you’re are TrueCon© purist in the mood for a brawl over the virtueless life of the American homosexual, the door is right behind you. If you’re one of those allegedly virtueless American homos looking for a forum to air your grievances about the hateful wingnuts who want to patrol your bedroom at night, please go away. I don’t want to go anywhere near your bedroom. EVER.

We’re in an election year, and with every election year comes the birth and rebirth of those issues that make those of us who…

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