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It hasn’t been widely reported, but after the Christmas rush, unemployment’s climbing again.  Which to be more surprised about: the lack of media attention, or that “official” unemployment hit 9% this month? Barry’s out there telling you that the extra $40 from “his” tax cut’s gonna help out with the grocery bill, and the media’s all over that. They’re not pointing out that if you don’t have a job, it doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile, fuel prices are going through the roof – which means your food and other stuff are also going up in price. And naturally, despite the fact that Barry’s policies are directly responsible for this development, nobody’s saying anything about that, either. How odd.Urban_planning_overlord_urbanplanningoverlord

They do, however, spend a lot of time on Republicans. For a while, there, they elevated Cain. Then they started ripping at him. The only surprise there was how early in the game it happened. And of course, there’s been the rise and fall of Newt, Santorum, and yadda-yadda. Their whole thing is about trying to keep Republicans at each other, so the spotlight’s not on the Kenyan so much. Seems to be working pretty well, so far.

Republicans have a solid shot at handing Barry a second term. And that’s all it’ll take to finish off the grand experiment once known as America.

MaxRedline: Eyes On The Prize.

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