They're Baaaack! Occupy Portland Sets Up Shop In Terry Schrunk Plaza

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After previously being denied a permit, Occupy Portland organizer Wade Varner and his ilk have been given a permit to “occupy” Terry Schrunk Plaza during regular park hours.

Varner is the same individual who dropped his pants and exposed himself at a “family friendly” potluck.  Now he’s issuing the welcome message for protesters to join him in “occupying this park once again.”

Since being evicted from Chapman and Lownsdale Squares, costing the city thousands of dollars to clean and restore the parks they destroyed, and causing general mayhem throughout the city, Occupy Portland has been meeting daily at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Portland:

They meet in the “Che room,” named after Che Guevara, who ran Fidel Castro’s murderous gulags in Cuba and orchestrated the mass murder of millions of innocent people (essentially the  Cuban version of Heinrich Himmler).  Note the red “revolution” poster with Che’s face in the upper left corner:

What on earth possesses a Catholic church to honor a communist butcher and host groups fighting for socialist revolution?

Here a screen grab from their live stream of their Monday night meeting.  Some are even getting college credits for their participation in leftist political activism.  One protester is wearing anarchist garb:

If that looks eerily familiar, it should.  Anarchists in similar attire went on a rampage in Portland last week, smashing windows, overturning trash cans, shouting profanity, and threatening police officers and citizen journalists.  Their violence was caught on tape.

Now they are organizing an action plan to “Shut Down The Corporations” on Feb 29th, calling for “direct democracy” (code for communism).

Occupy Portland’s website is professionally done, and they’re extremely well organized for a movement that claims to be “grass roots,” having supposedly “spontaneously” sprung up just last fall.  Not a chance.  They’re getting help from a national network that is trained, funded, and organized by Adbusters, AFL-CIO, SEIU, MoveOn.orgACORN, Communist Party USA, and various other Leftist groups, many of which are funded by George Soros.

They’re preparing to do battle this spring, and they mean business.

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