Dems' Ridiculous New Narrative: GOP Wants Women ‘Barefoot and Pregnant’

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"Barefoot and pregnant?" Hardly!

Here’s the Alinskyite narrative.  Anybody familiar with Leftist smear campaigns could see this one coming a mile away, as ridiculous as it is.  Who in the GOP is prepared to expose it and turn it around on them? Anyone? Anyone?

Nicholas Ballasy reports at the Daily Caller:

New Jersey Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg said the Republican “men’s club” in the Senate wants women “barefoot and pregnant,” speaking out against a GOP effort to give employers the option not to offer contraception coverage in health insurance plans.

There are no women Republicans in the so-called “men’s club”?  That’s news to myself, as well as millions of other Republican women who would never characterize our lives as nothing more than “barefoot and pregnant.”

“It’s time to tell the Republicans to mind their own business,” Lautenberg said on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

Downright laughable.  Republicans and religious institutions HAVE been minding their own business, until Democrats started ramming Obamacare mandates down our throats.

Our side believes that women should be able to choose the paths in life that’s best for them…

Nobody is saying she shouldn’t, but if a woman is old enough to choose, she’s old enough to take responsibility for her own choices.  Nobody else should be force to pay for them.

…and that’s why President Obama wants to make birth control more affordable.

A condom is 50 cents.  You can buy one at any grocery store, gas station or drug store.  It doesn’t get much more “affordable” or “accessible” than that.  If you don’t have two quarters to rub together, buying a condom is the LEAST of your worries.

Contraception is basic health care…

Wrong.  “Basic health care” is what keeps you from getting sick or dead.  Pregnancy is not a disease, not contagious, and completely avoidable, if one is inclined to control oneself.

…and it’s essential for individuals to choose when they want to have a career and when they want to start a family.

Nobody is telling women when or where or how to make their life choices.  We are simply refusing to allow government to unconstitutionally force us to pay for them.  Want control over your life choices?  PAY FOR THEM YOURSELF!  It’s called being a GROWN-UP!

Strong, beautiful, responsible Republican women understand that.  We don’t need the Nanny State to take care of us, and we’ll thank the chauvinistic Democratic talking heads to stop exploiting women for their agenda and violating our liberties!

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