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A U.S. District judge has ruled that Washington state cannot force pharmacies to sell emergency contraceptives.

The judge ruled that Washington Pharmacy Board rules, as adopted by the state, did infringe on religious freedom and were unconstitutional.

An immediate injunction was put in place so the pharmacies can’t be forced to sell any kind of drugs that individual pharmacists or pharmacies believe go against their religious beliefs.

Naturally, lawyer Lisa is amazed, claiming that she can’t believe that reproductive rights are “still an issue” in this day and age:

“Patients have a right to health care and no individual can impose his beliefs or her beliefs on that patient,” she said.

Wow there, Lisa – being that you’re a lawyer and all, most people would expect you to be a whole lot smarter than that.

First, you’d do well to consider that “health care” is not a “right” as defined in any Constitution, state or federal, in the USA.

Second, if a woman wants to buy the abortion pill and one pharmacy doesn’t offer it, that woman is free to visit a different pharmacy in order to make the purchase. Nobody is “imposing his beliefs or her beliefs on that patient”; your argument is moronic.

No, lawyer Lisa, quite the contrary: it is you who seek to impose your beliefs upon others; it is you who seek to deprive them of their rights. You’re in the wrong country.

There’s little difference between your attitude and that of “thought policewoman” Evelyn Myrie, executive director of Hamilton’s Centre for Civic Inclusion, who really got her panties in a twist over signs that the owner of a southern-style barbecue restaurant had the audacity to place in his Canadian shop. One sign read:

to better serve you, our staff speaks ENGLISH

Evie finds that simply offensive, but that’s because she (like you, lawyer Lisa) is a twit. If you can’t read English, how do you know what the sign says? If you don’t know what it says, how can you take offense? It’s his barbecue joint, but Evie “feels” that she should be able to dictate how he runs it, and how “inclusive” he should be in running it.

You’re no different, lawyer Lisa – you just selected pharmacists rather than barbecue joint operators.

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