Here we go again!

Posted on February 23, 2012 by


Here We Go Again!

Well, we have seen it once again! The local media has failed to correctly cover a story involving Middle Eastern men shouting “Allah u akbar” on an airplane. Local talk show host Victoria Taft had to turn to Houston, Texas media to find out what the whole story was on the Continental flight that was forced to return to the terminal earlier this week (hat tip Bruce McCain).

After the story broke early yesterday I suspected that there was more to it than was first reported. The initial report outlined an altercation between a passenger who refused to turn off an e-cigarette and the flight crew. By the middle of the day however, Ms. Taft was able to dig up the additional details on this story from the Houston media report. It turns out that the man in question was a 19 year old Saudi who had been in trouble with the law for leading local police on a high speed car chase in Ashland days before his disturbing outburst on the Continental flight out of PDX.

As for those who would ignore this incident as just a youthful indiscretion, I would ask you to consider the record involving those who choose to scream the words “Allah u akbar!” on planes and their relationship to incidents of terror. Not due to Yazeed Mohammed Abunayyan’s Muslim faith, or his nationality, but because of the statistics. Since the late 1970’s there have been repeated attacks by Middle Eastern men of the Muslim faith against American’s overseas, and at home.

Ignoring these incidents when they happen is only adding to the danger posed by these types of individuals to us all.