Two Words: Neutron Bomb.

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It isn’t popular, like the constant apologies Bams issues, but popularity isn’t the name of the game.

ISLAMABAD: Hundreds of activists took to the streets on Friday as the protests over desecration of Holy Quran at the Nato military base in Afghanistan spread to Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

Holding banners inscribed with several anti-US slogans including ‘Damn You US Army’, and ‘Quran Our Soul, You Burnt Our Soul’, protesters gathered at public places to express their anger at the desecration of Holy Quran at the Bagram military base.

Up to 300 people blocked the GT Road in Peshawar, stomped on and set fire to the US flag, and kicked the dummy representing America and beat it with sticks while it was burning.

A lot of folks would like to kick the dummy representing America, so there’s a point of agreement. Unfortunately, the area ofdisagreement is wide, and the Islamos resort to violence at every turn. They will not stop until they are dead, and it is now time to make them so.

The USA should deploy neutron bombs to eliminate the continued threat. We have the capability, and the time has come to use it.

A neutron strike simply eliminates the problem, while preserving infrastructure for peaceful purposes. Of course, some would object to the approach; Russia and China would find it expedient to express their outrage, though both have had their own issues with Islamos, and so both would privately support the eradication of an infection.

In the previous world wars, civilian centers were routinely bombed by both sides. In this world war, nothing has changed in that regard: neutron bombs will kill Muslim civilians along with the nutjobs that send out suicide bombers to kill us. That’s unfortunate, but it is a situation that they have selected.

It’s a war that they have imposed, and one that could be quickly ended.

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