Media Natters And The Pooch

Posted on February 27, 2012 by


Media Natters, an attack organization set up by former “conservative” – turned – Lefty David Brock and generously funded by George Soros, appears to have screwed the pooch. Daily Caller has been hitting them hard this month, and today’s story of blackmail simply adds to the destruction of what little credibility the organization had retained.

Media Natters was established with a clear mission: to destroy Fox News, though they expanded to include any and all non-Left media outlets. With close ties to the Obama administration, they were on a roll for a while, but the Daily Caller’s continued revelations have damaged their brand, and it’s just getting worse: now, the liberal Alan Dershowitz has launched an attack against the organization in today’s New York Daily News.  When even avowed liberals are coming out against your leftist enterprise, you’ve really screwed up.

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