Yes, They Are Occutards

Posted on February 29, 2012 by


Kyle Lawrence, a Colorado Springs Occupier, remains in a Denver Hospital burn unit with second degree burns that he received when he was caught on fire during the arson that leveled the Historic Green Mountain Falls Town Hall.

Zach Shaffer, 21, made the statement to an El Paso County Sheriff’s deputy the afternoon of Feb. 24, when he was at Memorial Hospital being treated for third-degree burns to his hands and ankles. Shaffer is the other suspect in an arson fire that destroyed the historic Green Mountain Falls town hall last week described himself and an alleged accomplice as “anti-government,” and said he wanted to “do something to a judicial building.

There’s a reason why we uncharitably refer to them as “Occutards”.

That guy with the third degree burns to his hands and ankles? Cuff ‘im, Danno. Tightly.

The media and the Obamas want you to believe that the TEA Party folks are domestic terrorists.

Who are you going to believe? Them – or your own lyin’ eyes?