Andrew Breitbart Died Last Night. Why Am I So Sad?

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I’ve been struggling all day with this. I barely knew the man. I have friends who knew him way better than I did. I only shook his hand a couple of times, and I never did the CPAC pic thing in the lobby bar, despite all my opportunities. I barely ever talked to him, despite how much respect I have for his work.

So why has this hit me so hard?

Part of it is his family. He leaves behind a devoted wife and four kids, none over 12. I have young kids, and I hate that they won’t have a dad now.

Part of it is his reputation. Not the bullshit the left put out there. The reputation among my good friends who universally describe him as unwavering, unabashed, unable not to help. Even the little people. He loved to help.

Part of it was the puckish delight he took in sending the leftist douchebags into apoplectic orbit. OK, a lot of it was that.

Part of it is his how much he inspired thousands of conservative activists, turned conservatism on its ear and completely changed how we talk about politics – all in a very short few years of prominence. The Left is scared out of its collective mind that Andrew inspired the entire Citizen Journalist Movement. AND THEY SHOULD BE.

A lot of it was Andrew’s absolute love of life itself. He was, as has been described, the Happy Warrior, and he sucked the marrow out of the life he lived, and his utter joy in being Andrew F***ing Breitbart.

But the biggest reason I’m going to miss the man I barely know is that I am Andrew Breitbart. I don’t mean in that Spartacus way (although it’s awesome that that’s sprung up – we all NEED to be Spartacus). I mean that Andrew Breitbart lived exactly the life I’ve lived, only more bold, more brash, more unafraid – and because of that, more successful. Andrew started out liberal and realized the hypocrisy of the left. Andrew got so pissed off that he felt it was his divine calling to expose and mock the self righteousness of those who say they know better than you. Andrew suffered fools, but he couldn’t countenance bullshit and lies. Andrew Breitbart was the reverse Pied Piper – he led mindful activists back into the fray.

Thank you, Andrew Breitbart, for being my inspiration and my light. You were like a comet in the sky – burned out too soon, but people will tell stories about you for generations.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

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