Occupy Portland Stages Mock Executions of Corporate Executives

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Dateline Portland Oregon – March 2, 2012:  In what was apparently a blatant advocation of violent class warfare, Occupy Portland staged mock executions of corporate executives today.  The event was broadcast live by Occupy PDX.  “Excutives,” dressed as zombies, wore signs associating them with Chase Bank, BP, Fox News, and other corporations.  [For the record Occupy claims they were Corporations being shot, not people.  Riiiiiiiiiight.]  The “Executive Zombies” terrorized the the Pioneer Square Mall and Nordstroms Department store, obviously disrupting commerce.  Shoppers and passers by were confused and visibly shaken as the occupiers yelled:  “Need more sweat shops!,” “Fucking Idiot!” “Get a job a$$hole!” “Corporations will f*ck you!,” “Get their money!” and “Give us your money!”  Children can be seen in the scenes where the expletives are yelled.  Nordstroms’ store security had to be called to escort the Occupiers to the door.  “Come back and I’ll call the police” warned security.

The mock executives were fake assaulted by “Occupy Hunters” including children in Guy Fawkes Masks carrying fake guns.  Some of the executives were tackled to the ground.  Others were beat on with fists by the “Occupy Hunters” some wearing anarchist gear.  At the climax of the event,  executives were actually lined up and “shot” using fake weapons.  The occupiers also used Silly String for the mock executions.  Warnings by security not to use Silly String in the square were ignored by the Occupiers.  “Oh he shot that one in the face!” laughed the Occupy PDX Live feed reporter gleefully, barely able to contain herself as one executive fell to the ground.

An executive is “shot” during Occupy Portland’s Mock Executions.

The Occupiers continued on a rampage through various points in the city including Chase Bank, the Pioneer Courthouse Square and the MAX platform.  One MAX rider apparently startled by the approaching mob, was caught in the Max door.  The woman’s hand was injured in the incident.  Occupiers further delayed public transportation by laying down on the platform.  The train could not proceed at one point as a “dead executive” fell, and would not move, from the MAX white No Standing Zone.  Police were called to the scene.

Advocacy of violent “class warfare” has a long history in Portland.  This photo was taken in Pioneer Courthouse Square at a rally last March.

“We actually accomplished disrupting shit today!” boasted one Occupier over the Livestream.”  This is freakin’ awesome.

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