Rush Was Wrong

Posted on March 7, 2012 by


Let’s step back and take a look at this whole Fluke “story” and think about it for a minute. Here’s where Rush went way off-base: he didn’t consider basic biology.

A Fluke is, by definition, a parasitic flatworm. So what we had was a parasite, testifying before Democrat congress-critters that she needs to be given more free stuff. Rush set off a firestorm by calling her a “slut”, which is a perfectly acceptable thing for Leftists like Ed on MSNBC to do, if they’re referring to conservative women, but is off-limits to conservative commentators.

And in this case, it’s also incorrect: the only proper term to employ in this case is “parasite”. It is absolutely wrong to refer to Fluke as a “slut”, because as anybody with a cursory understanding of biology knows, such behavior is neither necessary nor even possible in the case of the parasitic Fluke.

These creatures are hermaphroditic, which means that they’re entirely capable of screwing themselves. This differentiates them from your run-of-the-mill Democrat, whose goal is to screw you. The Fluke doesn’t need you, other than as a resource.

The Fluke also exhibits a remarkable capacity for regeneration, which means that if you cut them in half, you end up with two functional Flukes. Slice and dice them, and you simply end up with more, when all is said and done.

Given the biology of the Fluke, the only question to be explored is why Democrats would call upon a parasite known to be capable of screwing itself (and able to regenerate) to “testify” on the subject of reproductive “rights”. Rush totally missed the boat on this one. In so doing, he allowed the Left an opportunity to muddy the waters.

It would have been better to counter with a demand for “free” ANTHELMINTICS.

via: MaxRedline: The Fluke.