Military Welfare Leeches

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The Obama Administration, for the first time, is proposing that veteran retirees pay different rates for the same health benefits based on how much they receive in military retirement pay.  This so-called “means-testing” of military retirement health benefits, would mean that the more our veterans receive in retirement pay, the more their health insurance would cost them.

Bill Gertz, who originally broke this story, said that it is, “as if [these benefits] were a social program, and not something earned with 20 or more years of military service.”

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson echoes Gertz’s concern stating, “Obama is so disconnected from our culture that instead of respecting our veterans he treats them like another welfare constituency.”

Presumably, his next move will be to reinstate the draft. After all, why would men and women volunteer to serve, when they know that upon retirement they’ll be viewed as welfare leeches?

Means-testing makes sense in some situations; why should a 24-year-old chick continue to receive welfare after winning a million dollars in the state lottery? But when you’ve served our country for x-many years, the least we can do is provide for your health.

In fairness, though, Barry only wants to cut benefits for active and retired military; unionized defense workers would see no change. How special!

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