International Women’s Day, Sort Of

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So yesterday was International Women’s Day or something like that.

I have a friend who hasn’t liked my sentiments on the subject because she thinks I don’t appreciate the amazing suffering women internationally have experienced.

Oh let me speak.

I understand that as an American woman I have access to rights privileges and equality unmatched by my peers in other countries.

* I can vote.

* I own property.

* I am married in a legally equal partnership, I am not owned.

* My husband can’t legally rape me.

* Worse, a man can’t rape me then claim me as his wife because of his actions. Sick!

* I can create my own wealth and destiny and not dependent upon a male to do that for me.

* I can hold public office.

* I can practice my own religion.

* It is illegal to victimize, maim or hurt me sexually or otherwise. I can also prosecute anyone who tries.

That is what I can think of in the last ten minutes, I am sure there is more in my brain, give me a minute.

Here is where my pro-life, irritation comes in. Especially in light of recent headlines.

Women’s reproductive rights. Right now there is the big Rush Limbaugh vs Fluke verbal sparring. She is a Georgetown student who wants free birth control. Well, let’s be honest, she wants it free, but for someone else to pay for it. Our current government is in a battle with the Catholic church over forcing a religious organization to pay for birth control for it’s employees when it smacks in the face of the foundations of their beliefs. We also have Rush Limbaugh giving an apology to the Georgetown woman for calling her names, because she (it seems to me) is going broke over her birth control.

And I am getting vilified because I put this post out there and laughed about it. Now I will warn you before you read it 1) it is not for young eyes 2) it is intended to be funny 3) it will make you uncomfortable until the very end when the message i hit home, with a home-run I might add. Please take a moment and read it to the end then read my rant.

While America doesn’t participate in “in your face” victimization of women, I would contend we do and we do it really well, secretly. For example:

* Telling our middle schoolers (12-15 year olds) they need birth control and mandating birth control based education in public schools. Why not hand them a loaded firearm? Oh wait, that might kill them. Folks, so will the sexually transmitted disease (STD) that birth control doesn’t protect them from either. Keep reading.

* Indoctrinating women that abortion is a “reproductive right”. It isn’t. It kills a fully developed human being that just needs to get bigger. Period.

* Feeding our young women that sex is entertainment, and since we are a an entertainment based culture, get it all while you can.

* We are all “sisters” and it’s “us” against “them”.

* Men? Men who?

* Birth control is a right, and not a responsibility.

* Sex trafficking of our own youth. In our own communities. I live in one of the worst cities in the country for this, and it’s absolutely shocking and shameful. But it is a byproduct of making sex entertainment, instead of a loving, intimate act between two people who are committed and love each other.

So while a few of my friends are angry at me that I don’t appreciate what is happening to our “sisters” around the world, I answer back that they are not paying attention to our “sisters” and even worse, our “little sisters” here at home.

How about this, while Americans continue to think having entertaining sex without consequences is their right, let’s stop and think about how this idiotic message is harming our little sisters. We are forgetting to remind our sisters of these consequences:

* One in three people walking on American soil right now, has an STD and doesn’t know it.

* One in three pregnancies end in abortion.

* In the state of New York, one half of the population has an STD and doesn’t know it.

So I may not be all over the international map caring for our sisters in the Middle East or Africa or South America. But do NOT accuse me of not caring for women, when I have spent the better part of ten years of my life trying to save our youth from our own culture’s message. Try again.

I do appreciate men! I love how they are wired so differently than myself. As a result, when you read that alphabet list in the above link, I can appreciate a man wrote it, and that he is enjoying the differences in men and women as well. And truthfully, he is acting like a man, and it’s kind of fun to read for that reason alone.

The video makes me sick. Why? Since when is it one man’s responsibility to apologize for the last millennium’s worth of wrongs done to women? How about all the wrongs done to men? How about the learned men of the Jewish nation who were slaughtered because they were educated? How about the educated men who lived under Saddam Hussein’s regime and were slaughtered because they were educated? How about the African slaves who were beaten, slaughtered, maimed, and harmed because they were black? And were also separated from their wives and children for their value as livestock? And yet master’s wives stood by and watched? Or the men who embraced their warrior-ness and fought wars so we women could be safe and have the above listed freedoms I celebrate as an American woman? Oh wait, I apologize as a woman for not appreciating the masculine god-ness…….sorry, I can’t do it.

Folks, we live in a fallen, sick, and diseased world where violence and oppression is not gender specific. I certainly don’t celebrate and I will always speak out against it, and I won’t make it gender specific. I will declare it wrong, no matter what, every single time. I won’t be chastised, and I won’t receive chastisement for celebrating that God created us differently.

I won’t be made to feel guilty for not having enough compassion for women in other countries when we need to take care of our own, and deal with our own overt oppression on our own soil.

I love men. I love that my husband loves me. I am not a form of entertainment for him, and he isn’t entertainment for me. But we have a lot of fun!

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