Power and Madness

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“Electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” – Barack Obama

“Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” – Steven Chu

And toward that end, they’ve locked up American oil “to reduce our dependence on foreign oil”, while giving nearly $39 billion in loan guarantees to “green” industries, “creating” around 3500 jobs. That’s $5 million or so per job. For the most part, however, we got nothing: his royal highness bestowed some $530 million to Solyndra, who promptly gave their execs huge bonuses and then folded. In fact, about half of the firms given millions are in bankruptcy; in most cases, the execs get hefty “bonuses” for accomplishing nothing. And 80% of the firms receiving those millions are run by Obama donors. What a surprise.

And as he rewards his buddies, he attacks his perceived enemies: apart from setting up a website dedicated to persuading folks to turn in their neighbors or any websites that may be critical of his majesty, he’s now running a campaign ad attacking…Sarah Palin.

So far as is known in the public sphere, she’s not running for any office, but apparently, that little detail doesn’t matter. And in an unparalleled display of pure vindictiveness,

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied Gov. John Kasich’s request for federal assistance in Clermont County after last week’s tornadoes.

70% of the town of Moscow, Ohio was destroyed, and a nearby community suffered extensive damage, but how dare a Republican ask for assistance from the Obama administration. Why, that’s be like President Bush authorizing assistance to a bunch of Democrats in Louisiana! Oh, wait…. Well, no matter – Bush screwed that all up anyway; heck, he even had the military bombing the levees and stuff. One thing about Barry’s strategy: if he does nothing, nobody can accuse him of screwing up.

But Barry and his buddy George Soros are running into some issues. In Georgie’s case, it’s it’s a typical (for Democrats) wiener case: he fooled around with a woman 50 years his junior, promising her the world – or at least, a $1.2 million apartment. He didn’t deliver, so she’s suing him for $50 million. Then Georgie got really stupid and dragged his ex-girlfriends best friend into the deal, offering her a quarter of a million to get her pal to make it all go away. Now he’s in even deeper, but it’s likely a pleasant change of pace: rather than being viewed as evil, a lot of folks think he’s just lost his mind.

As for Barry, his recent assertion that he has the authority to kill any US citizen at any time (a view elaborated upon last week by his buddy Eric Holder) has managed to ruffle the feathers of the folks at New York Times; a sure indication that his antics are starting to make even the mainstream American Left uneasy. Rather than be led to slaughter, some of those lambs may well bolt for the Romney side of the fence.

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