VT. Pursues Voter Fraud Criminal Inquiry

Posted on March 13, 2012 by


Naturally, they aren’t investigating No id neededthe conduct of their officials, who were exposed in undercover videos handing ballots over with no identification checks. That would be too easy: the evidence is there.

No, they’re going after the videographer.

Secretary of State James Condos, who learned about the video from the Burlington Free Press, said Tuesday afternoon he hopes the Attorney General’s Office will investigate the video to see if a crime had taken place.

“My next phone call is to Bill Sorrell’s office,” Condos said, referring to the state’s top prosecutor. The crime of voter fraud is punishable in Vermont by a fine of up to $100 and/or to one year in jail.

Condos said Vermont and federal law do not require people to produce identification when they show up to vote, and efforts to mandate such identification recently have been rejected or struck down in several states.

“I denounce any type of voter fraud or any assault on the integrity of the voting system,” Condos said. “Voting is a constitutional right and the basis of our democracy. Real voter fraud is preventing people eligible to vote from being able to vote.”

Actually, no, Mr. Condos: Real voter fraud is permitting people who have no right to cast a ballot to do so.