He's Been Dreaming All His Life, Living In An AlGore Paradise

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As discussed previously, noted Anthropogenic Global Warming enthusiast Dr. Peter H. Gleick stole documents from the Heartland Institute and was alleged to have forged another; an allegation that he denied. However, the document in question was subjected to in-depth analysis byforensic experts:

Juola & Associates (www.juolaassoc.com) is the premier provider of expert analysis and testimony in the field of text and authorship.

The conclusion: Gleick did, indeed, forge the document. His credibility has been destroyed by his own hand.

Still, all is not lost; AGW adherents may be losing the battle to cast Carbon Dioxide as a villianous greenhouse gas that mankind has unleashed in an effort to destroy the planet, but it may yet be villified: a new study out of Denmark concludes that CO2 makes you fat.

That’s not a typo; their claim, just published in the scientific journal ‘Nutrition and Diabetes’, is that increased atmospheric CO2 results in elevated somatic levels of the gas, acidifying the blood. This effect causes the nervous system to malfunction, with resultant elevation of food intake.

Carbon dioxide: there’s nothing it can’t do.

via: MaxRedline: Trouble In The AlGore Paradise.