In Obama's Defense…

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Although the media boosted Barry all through the last presidential election cycle, the thrill that ran up Chris Matthews’ leg then isn’t tingling now. Some are actually complaining that he hasn’t accomplished much of anything – and they’re wrong.

Never in our nation’s history has a President done more bowing to foreign leaders, apologized so often for America, played so many rounds of golf, or caused so much economic damage in such a short period of time. He has turned the Department of Justice into a race-based Department of Favoritism, and his DOJ has not only failed in its task to secure our safety, it has actually committed the crime of sending thousands of guns across our southern border, into the waiting hands of drug cartels and other criminal elements. Hundreds of people have died as a result, and Barry’s Attorney General routinely lies to Congress.

His DOJ has filed suit against states that dare attempt to protect the integrity of the ballot, or to enforce immigration laws, while walking away from clear cases of black intimidation of white voters, and his EPA has demonstrated their clear intent to drive energy prices, goods, food, and services to levels unaffordable for many citizens.

Today, thanks to Barry and his Democrat allies in Congress, four million people who had health-care coverage before he took office now lack it. On the labor front, Barry has made illegal and unconstitutional appointments to the NLRB, claiming that they were “recess appointments” because he decided that the Senate was in recess. All three appointees are rabidly pro-forced union.

While calling for energy independence, Crude Oil Train-North DakotaBarry has blocked domestic production of oil wherever possible, while funneling billions of tax dollars and borrowed money into failed solar and wind companies. Due to his rejection of a proposal to install approximately three inches of pipeline across the Canada/US border, trainloads of tanker cars filled with crude are moving toward Texas refineries at an estimated 45 million barrels per year – carrying not only tar sand oil from Canada, but also Bakken oil from the huge North Dakota fields. You’d think even he could figure out that a pipeline’s safer.

With the election fast approaching, Barry’s stopping off in Cushing, Oklahoma in a couple of days.

There he will tour a yard where TransCanada is storing pipes to be used in building the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline. The line will stretch from Cushing down to refineries on the Texas gulf coast.

How delightful: he has no say whatsoever in whether or not the pipeline can be built, and it will be carrying the very oil from North Dakota and Canada that he tried to halt.  He stopped the transnational section of the pipeline, but the southern leg will be built, and there’s not a thing he can do about it. The oil will simply be transported by rail to Cushing.

Two weeks ago, Barry referred to oil as the fuel of the past. Two days ago, he told Congress to quit giving breaks to Big Oil. And two days from now, he’ll be touring an oil site, looking for ways to claim credit.

And some folks claim he’s accomplished nothing!

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