It's For The Children™!

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Man-made global warming didn’t pan out, so they switched to “man-made climate change”.

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That’s been selling about as well as the Chevy Volt, so they’re repackaging it with that time-honored standby: “It’s For The Children”. The usual suspects are involved, as the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council have teamed up to buy expensive ads in swing states in order to show what those nasty, greedy Republicans are really up to – they want to kill your babies.

And unlike the good, loving Leftists, who may want to kill your babies but will do it by humanely stabbing them in the head with a fork and then sucking their brains and other body parts out with a vacuum, the nasty, greedy Republicans want to kill your babies slowly, by poisoning them to death. The ad, which features children breathing through asthma inhalers, is intended to make the claim that a reduction in regulations for greenhouse emissions is directly related to incidences of asthma attacks.

We’re going to talk a lot about the health implications of dirty air,” said Heather Taylor, director of NRDC’s political arm.

Never mind that in the USA, the air today is cleaner than at any time in the last 200 years; the Left isn’t about to let a few facts get in the way of a good story. Their entire mode of operation revolves around efforts to scare you to death, and since they couldn’t accomplish that with “man-made global warming” and “man-made climate change”, they’re digging down into the archives and dredging up the relatively successful Alar scare which they and Meryl Streep used to scare you to death about Northwest-grown apples.

Your children are gonna die a slow death, sucking desperately at inhalers, if those nasty, greedy Republicans who brought you Alar, pesticides, and acid rain are allowed to have their way. It’d be funny, were it not so pathetic.

As usual, it’s not about the children at all – it’s about the incessant desire of Leftists to control everybody else.

Tree pollen is directly related to asthma and to allergy attacks, so we should probably cut them all down, too. Oh, but trees should never be cut down (unless you need to do it to build a light rail line, or an apartment tower).

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