And we wonder why….

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The past two weeks have provided ample opportunity to absorb the lessons  that our nation needs to learn in regards to why we need to ensure that the laws of this land-based in the Constitution-are supreme in our courts. In two incredibly disturbing cases-one more extreme than another-England and France provided the world a lesson in dhimmitude and its cost to a societies throughout the Western world.

As anyone who has access to almost any sort of communications device-TV, radio or computer of any type-heard seven people were shot to death in France by a 23 year old man of Algerian origin, Mohamed Merah,  who killed them in an attempt to “bring France to its knees”.  What makes this case truly stunning is the fact that the perpetrator was under surveillance by the French authorities when he carried out his crimes and killed three French Paratroopers in an attack on March 11, 2012. Even the French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, has said that there needs to be “clarity” as to why Merah wasn’t monitored more closely or arrested sooner. It seems that authorities did not think that Merah was a clear and present danger to the French people, despite what they acknowledge is a “long criminal record”. Perhaps if the French had asked the U.S., they might have found that Merah had been on a no-fly list with our State Department since 2010 due to his trips to Afghanistan and Waziristan, a region of Pakistan well known for being a militant stronghold.  So where did the French falter? In my opinion it was their failure to connect his chosen faith community and political belief with his violent predilections and his travel patterns.  Merah was a Salafist-that is he was a member of an ultra-conservative Muslim sect-which does not make him a terrorist unto itself. But when you add to that he had been vocal in the past about his displeasure with the French military’s support in the war in Afghanistan, that and he had traveled to a part of Pakistan frequented by militants, jihadists and well known terrorist organizations like Al Queda-the picture becomes more clear.

In Leeds, England we have another disturbing example of how dhimmitude run amok has cost a nation’s young people their lives-in a different sense. A 15 year-old girl was repeatedly sexually attacked by a group of five Muslim men ranging in age from 18 to 45. Fortunately for the jury, unfortunately for the men one of them had filmed portions of the attack on his cell phone. Now certainly, this girl was irresponsible since she originally met the men to purchase marijuana and was admittedly drinking with her attackers prior to the rape. Did she deserve what befell her? Certainly NOT. This child was raped by one man and literally delivered to another house to  be further abused by her original attackers neighbors.  All of this was backed up by DNA evidence collected by the police during their investigation of the case.

The thread that ties these two cases together and made them possible runs through our own national fabric as well, as evidenced by the marital rape case in New Jersey where a woman’s request for a restraining order against her husband in a divorce was rejected by Judge Joseph Charles. Judge Charles cited the defendant’s “understanding of Islamic law” (aka Shariah Law) as the basis for his denial of the restraining order since under Islamic/Shariah Law there is no recognition of rape of any kind. That is right, a woman is New Jersey was told by the court that she had no right to protection  under the law from forcible rape at the hands of her husband due to his “understanding” of religious law. What about her constitutional right to due process?

Shariah is incompatible with most Western societies because we in the West tend to view certain things as sacrosanct. We do not believe that children should die due to their family’s affiliation with this faith as opposed to  that faith, in this case Judaism vs. Islam; nor do we believe that soldiers should be killed simply for supporting a  war effort. For this reason alone, Western society as a whole needs to reject this violent and extremist view of Islam. There is hope, there are steps being taken in the right direction. France has banned the burka and the hijab, the U.K. is beginning to stand up against Shariah in their courts via the efforts of human rights activists  like Gita Sahgal who are exploring the incompatibility of Shariah with English Common law.

The only question now is how will the U.S. choose protect its most vulnerable citizens in the face “creeping Shariah” in the U.S.