Let's Give 'Em Something To Talk About

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People are talking about the future of Barbur Boulevard.

That’s how the City of Portland put it in yesterday’s website post.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many people felt that sidewalks and safer crossings would make Barbur a more attractive place for people to be. Additionally, having more restaurants and retail options ranked high, as did additional trees and improved transit service.

In other words, as the city interprets it, people want loot rail and more trees and public art.

As it happens, people are doing more than simply talking: they’re taking direct action to stop the Portland, Tri-Met, and Metro “planners”. It started with rebellion in Clackamas County, and has spread to Washington County and many SW Portland residents. Portland, Tri-Met and Metro have already “invested” more than $10 million in stealth “planning” for the area, primarily geared toward loot rail and apartment buildings, with bicycle amenities and the ever-“sustainable” mixed-use development (which means flower shops and taco joints on the street level, with several floors of apartments above).

It seems likely that they’ll be in for a rude surprise, but only because they’ve been unable to wrap what passes for their minds around the relatively simple concept of “no”.

MaxRedline: People are talking about the future of Barbur Boulevard.

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