The Way Barry's Pedaling, He Must Think He's Lance Armstrong

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Somebody must have mentioned to Barry that, historically, when gas prices rise, the White House gets a new tenant. That sweat on his brow ain’t from the BK deep-fat fryers, which is why he’s been desperately dashing from oil site to oil site all of a sudden. This week, he visited one in New Mexico, where he lied:

“Under my administration, America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years.”

Ummm, no, Barry – your administration hasn’t done anything but slow things down. The increase in production is all coming from private sources, because you think it’s better to blow billions of dollars on solar and wind. You lie like a cheap toupee.

So he blew out of that place and rode his solar-powered 747 to Boulder City, Nevada – where he blathered about investments in “renewable” energy Wednesday at the local Copper Mountain Solar 1 plant, although the plant has only five full-time employees. $54 million in government subsidies; so the math there, Barry: it comes to nearly $11 million in tax subsidies per job. That’s your idea of success, sonny?

You and your Democrat buddies assured everyone that your “investments” in “renewable energy” would not only spur the creation of thousands of “green jobs” while reducing America’s “dependence upon foreign oil”, but would also result in reduced energy costs. How’d all that work out with the largest photovoltaic plant in the country? Five full-time jobs for the lucky folks in Boulder City – and their electric rates just increased by 35%. In fact, the power generated at the plant is being sold to California.

Maybe Barry should take a look at Europe, since he admires them so much:

Germany — once a global leader in the race for reliance on “alternative” forms of energy — has discovered that no amount of environmentalist ideology can alter the fundamental laws of economics. Although wind and solar “farms” have been the recipients of lavish government subsidies throughout the European Union, the German government is now being forced to concede it cannot continue supporting solar power at the levels that had quickly become customary, and is dramatically reducing its solar energy subsidy.

German policymakers indicated last week that they planned to cut once-generous subsidies as much as 29 percent by the end of the month, on top of a 15 percent cut in January, although some details were still being negotiated after protests from the solar industry. Britain and Italy have made similar moves, and in January, Spain abandoned its subsidies altogether, prompting outrage from the solar industry.

Of course there’s outrage – pigs accustomed to and dependent upon feeding at the public trough may find themselves forced to work for a living when the slop buckets stop showing up. Could there be a warning, or perhaps even a lesson, in the recent European moves?

From there, Barry headed to Cushing, OK, where despite his best efforts to block the Keystone XL oil pipeline, they’re building the southern section anyway. They don’t need Barry or his executive orders, and they already know what he’s about. As Aretha used to say, “Thank you; I’ll do it myself”.

And today, Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, lit into him:

President Obama himself is the most anti-business president in my lifetime. With rhetoric not befitting a president he has attacked oil companies, banks, airplane users, Wall Street and anyone who makes money. Yet, he seems to forget that if you are making money you are in the best position to create jobs. 

That pretty well captures it, but you may want to look at the whole opinion piece. At this point, your dog could probably defeat Barry in November.

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