Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And

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It was only a matter of thyme.

Portsmouth, NH condo owner Kimberly Bois bought her unit from the developer, and obtained his permission to plant some heirloom flowers around her new home. Subsequently, a condo board was formed, and the association doesn’t like the plantings – so they’re suing her and fining her some $50 a day for each day the plants remain in the ground. They’ve also filed to place a lien against her property to cover unpaid fines and legal fees.

The attorney for the condo board says that the grounds are a common area over which the board has jurisdiction, and adds, “The practical implication is that what one person thinks is beautiful, another person thinks is horrible.”

Hey, she was there first. If they thought it was horrible, they shouldn’t have bought there.

It’s just another example of why many see that our country is going down the tubes: COAs and HOAs are often purely evil. If I held title to both a condo and Hell, I’d rent out the condo and live in Hell.

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via: MaxRedline: Communists And Condos.