Cry Me A River – And Bottle It

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Our old friends at Sierra Club are at it again, doing what they always do: litigating and running to politicians. They’ve joined with the other usual suspects:  Mount Hood forest group BarkOregon AFSCME, and Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility to stop Nestle from bottling water to be taken from a spring in Cascade Locks.

State Sen. Jackie Dingfelder, D-Portland, said she and perhaps a dozen other legislators will ask the Democratic governor to reject exchanging a state-owned water right. 

“It allows a private multinational corporation to use a public resource for the economically and environmentally unsustainable practice of bottled water,” said Dingfelder, chairwoman of the Senate’s natural resources and environment committee.

Jackie Dingbat’s been really vocal about private multinational corporations, which is why she’s been so adamant in opposing Nike, Intel, Siltronic, Adidas, and Columbia Sportswear. Oh, wait…she hasn’t been. Intel and Siltronic use a lot of water – more than Nestle proposes to take, but that’s not her problem. No, she just hates Nestle – much as Portland mayor Sham Adumbs hates Wal-Mart. And both politicians will do whatever it takes to disrupt (or better, eliminate) businesses that they, personally, dislike.

Their feelings are way more important than jobs.

And if you support Sierra Club, PSR, or similar organizations, you’re not part of a solution – you’re part of the problem.

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