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Barry’s come out swinging of late: today, the Radical-in-Chief was lambasting a House Republican budget plan, warning that it represents “an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country” that would hurt working families. Coming from a radical Leftist, those are laughable words. Barry’s radical agenda, largely implemented behind closed doors, has caused more harm to working families than the actions of any President in the history of the country. Moreover, he seems to forget that his fellow Democrats have not produced a budget in over three years.

The plan has been characterised by Democrats as a gutting move that would “slash” rail programs and aid to college students.

So what’s the problem? Why is slashing 119th-century rail technology a bad thing? Bankrupt California plans to spend around $70 billion in money it doesn’t have to build “bullet train” lines. How are they going to come up with their “share” of the funding? Well, unicorns crap pixie dust, which Governor Moonbeam will sell.

Actually, the plan – if you want to call it that – is to win the lottery, or more accurately,  to use money from a pollution auction established by the state’s landmark global warming law. However you think of it, it amounts to the same thing. The most likely outcome is that revenues will continue to fall as companies continue to flee the state for less onerous venues. This would never fly in the private sector, which makes it a perfect proving ground for government waste.

As for the poor college students: there are these amazing things called scholarships, which may require work to obtain – but if you truly want to go to college and are willing to perform to get there, you don’t need government aid. In fact, one of the “demands” of the SEIU/Soros/Occupy crowd is “free college for everyone”. That, right there, is sufficient reason to cut back on government aid.

Additionally, and contrary to pervasive mythology, a college degree is completely unneccessary for many lucrative careers. How many Fine Arts or So-so-ology majors are actually needed in the real world? Darned few, as it turns out – which is why they end up as baristas making minimum wage plus tips with $80,000 in debt hanging over them. It’s also why the poor schlub who went to community college and learned auto repair is pulling down $25 an hour or more and isn’t carrying tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Yet, there’s Barry, railing against Republicans for daring to put together a budget, and calling it a “radical” concept.

Of course, this comes on the heels of his efforts to bullythreaten, and intimidate the US Supreme Court – an ill advised move that has already backfired.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) chastised Obama for the remarks on Tuesday.

“Only someone who would browbeat the Court during the State of the Union, and whose administration stifled speech during the health care debate, would try to intimidate the Court while it’s deliberating one of the most consequential cases of our time,” McConnell said in a statement. 

“This president’s attempt to intimidate the Supreme Court falls well beyond distasteful politics; it demonstrates a fundamental lack of respect for our system of checks and balances.”

Forget “Hope’n’Change” – Barry’s desperate to retain power, and the mask has fallen. He’ll do whatever it takes, and nothing will stand in his way. Laws, after all, are for the little people.

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