Why kick a hornets nest?

Posted on April 4, 2012 by


I can see a Crook County with a bright future that includes many resources for employment that are sustainable and friendly to our environment as well as respectful of the people. But I’m wondering where is that vision within our government. Or for that matter what is the vision of our government. Are the people of Crook County ready and willing to work together to craft that vision? Shouldn’t it be crafted by the people or is it the few that will do it for us?

Prineville is my hometown. I chose to be here and didn’t just land here from birth or need for a job. I could have gone elsewhere to work and have been better off financially. But being wealthy was not my drive. I enjoy a community where people seem to genuinely like each other, where the pace isn’t frenetic, and where community life can achieve great things for all of us. That’s the Prineville I love.

Unfortunately, our economy is at the bottom of the heap. We keep hearing reports that things are getting better such as unemployment dropped to 14% from 14.7% but does that take into account all the workers that have left the area, moved on? If you want dramatic change just remove 1,000 people from the population and things look a lot better. Fewer people looking for jobs seems better but is it really? Do we really want people leaving our community.

These are tough things to answer but isn’t it time for the people of Prineville to work together to find some answers. There are some good things going on. I think we can accelerate that if we engage. Apparently some in the community think that asking for government transparency and openness is pulling backwards. I think the contrary..it’s the true path forward. Isn’t it time to be honest with each other, Ask the questions, find the answers and move forward. As long as out community leaders act as if “the people don’t want to know” without trying to get a true sense of what people want I think they are the ones holding us back. Of course, they are bringing in some service industry and that is good on the face of it but do we know what we need to know? It’s that simple, please ask us.

I must say I am surprised that asking to be informed draws so much scolding. You would think I kicked a hornets nest by simply saying we should be informed of major actions that affect the life and livability of our community. I think we are better than that. Which of our community leaders has the courage to step forward and create an atmosphere to learn and craft the vision for the future of Crook County? I would like to think our children and grandchildren would appreciate that.

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