Guest Post: Oregon AMS Allows Phil Mote's Climate Hysteria To Go Unchallenged

Posted on April 6, 2012 by


Breaking news from our friend, Gordon Fulks, PhD in the Oregon American Meteorological Society equivalent of a Friday Afternoon News Dump™:

Hello Everyone,

In a stunning development this afternoon, we learned that the Oregon AMS meeting being held next week as a counterpoint to our climate presentation to them in January will not permit ANY direct questioning of Phil Mote, Christina Hulbe, and Andreas Schmittner.  These individuals who claim that their climate alarmism is sooo correct that no one should be allowed to question them have demanded protection from any direct questioning as a condition of their appearance.  That was to be expected, because these individuals have consistently ducked questions from fellow scientists in the past.  The stunning thing is that the Oregon AMS very quietly agreed and told no one until today.  Oregon President Steve Pierce confirmed that Mote would not appear if open questions were permitted.

Questions will have to be submitted to a moderator who will decide which ones are used.  This is being done to prevent anyone from engaging in dialogue with the speakers.  It allows the speakers to completely duck those questions they do not like (as Mote and Hulbe have often done in the past).

Prohibiting direct questioning of speakers is a highly irregular procedure for a scientific society and highly irregular for a university setting.  But the primary climate alarmists in Oregon (the above named professors) are apparently worried that they will be confronted with questions they cannot answer.  Typical scientific meetings and university seminars encourage audience challenges to the ideas presented.  That is the way we keep science from becoming just another good story or worse – nothing but propaganda.

The Oregon AMS already went beyond the neutrality they profess by scheduling the Mote event at Portland State University, where climate presentations of a political nature are commonplace, and a politically motivated audience is assured.  It is sad that Pierce prefers a big event to a properly conducted scientific meeting.

For those who are not scientists (including Steve Pierce), let me point out that anything that cannot be challenged is not science.

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)
Corbett, Oregon USA

P.S. Oh yes, I forgot to mention:  we allowed ALL questions from the Oregon AMS crowd at our landmark meeting in January.  This included a long harangue from Andreas Schmittner, one of Mote’s co-presenters next week.  In other words, Steve Pierce has no concept of fairness toward both sides and no concept of what a scientific meeting needs to be.  He should resign.

Given the drama that surrounded the cancellation of the presentation by Gordon Fulks, George Taylor and Chuck Weise that was to be held at OMSI in November, and the subsequent jam packed auditorium for the rescheduled meeting in January, it is absolutely amazing that the Oregon AMS would acquiesce to Phil Mote’s demand that there be no questions at this event. Too bad they didn’t learn their lesson like it appeared they had.