Good Intentions and a Saw…Unintended Consequences!

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They were the best Christmas Trees I had ever seen in the wilds of Parke County, Indiana and we needed one. I already had visions of my proud parents as I presented them with such a prize that had cost them nothing. This was it, my opportunity to be a hero and all the while saving my parents the expense of buying a tree. Little did I know I was well on my way to a hard lesson, good intentions don’t always produce good results.

They stood right at the intersection on that old gravel country road out to Uncle Jims house. I assumed it was part of his farm as we always ranged up there when out playing with the cousins. The old barn always had tools so I searched there and found what I needed. I marched up the hill to the two beautiful trees with glory in my heart. They weren’t as tall as I liked but they were so symmetrical and a nice shade of blue green so I decided they would do, no they were more than sufficient. Since I was getting one for us I would take the second for Uncle Jim and Aunt Helen.

In short order I had both on the ground and began the trek back down the hill to the cozy farm house below. I imagined how pleased they would be. What a good boy I was! Suddenly, I saw the door open on the back of the house and Aunt Helen and my mother stepped out to look up to where I was. It didn’t seem quite right but maybe I didn’t understand. Nearing them I saw stern expressions and folded arms that did not encourage me.

“You just cut down Mrs. Websters Blue Spruce trees.” Apparently, Mrs. Webster saw the act just as I felled the last tree and phoned down to Aunt Helen to tell her what I had done. How could that be, I thought, they lived on the other side of the road. Never the less, what I had intended for good was in reality harmful. I realized I was about to have an encounter with the seat of education.

Our public officials often operate in the same self induced euphoria of doing good for the people without considering the implications or consequences. If I had asked I would have been instructed those trees did not belong to Uncle Jim. Likewise, if public officials would consult the “owners” they might find what was perceived as good actually was viewed in another perspective by the people they serve.

Yet, headlong they go into all areas of public improvement on their own, less than well informed to do the good intentioned acts that turn on them all too often. This story is told over and over all across America and the people are losing faith. On any given day you can find a city council, county commission or even a congressional or Presidential offense against the people by those that seem to think they know better how to run our lives for us.

It’s time for “We The People” to once again rise up in the face of good intentions to tell our elected officials they have mis-interpreted the intent of our Founders. Liberty is a full measure of self determination that we must reclaim. To allow, through lack of action or apathy, the continued nanny presence of government in our lives will degrade the ability of citizens to do and think for themselves.

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